Because it was a loooong day at work.  I was looking forward to reaching home to chat with my wife, play with our baby and sip a cup of chocolate drink while reading some interesting news on the web.

You wouldn’t believe what I found.  Ina Raymundo’s “kili-kili” went trending.  Just like the tweet below, I don’t know if I will be happy with it or should feel depressed because of the kind of news that we have.

current events

I always want to learn lessons from what I read so I decided to investigate on what caused this life changing news.

So this…

kili kili comment - dahilan 5
Ina Raymundo posted a picture of her with armpit exposure and these two netizens gave it an unsolicited rating. Di naman ata sumali sa talent show ang kanyang kili-kili para i-judge ito. hehe.

Since Ina Raymundo obviously still has fans, they all came to her rescue which generated these comments where I lifted 9 life realizations:

1) Hindi nakikita sa kili-kili ang busilak na kalooban.

kilikiling basehan ng pagkatao, kalooban- 4
Kung hindi sa kili-kili, pwede kayang makita ito sa gilagid?

2.  Walang paki-alaman ng kili-kili.

totoong tao kili kili
Mind your own business. Kung hindi mo kili-kili, dapat hindi mo ito pinipintasan. Ang ibig sabihin ng fan na ito, maitim man daw o hindi, no matter what e idol parin niya si Ina. Pang loyalty award din siya.

3.  Ang kili-kiling bigay ni Lord.

kili kiling bigay ni lord 1

4.  Kung morena ka at maputi ang kili-kili mo, malamang an-an yan.

an an na kili kili
Oo nga naman, medyo ok mag-analyze ito. So ang mga morena, normal lang na maitim ang kili-kili. Otherwise, an-an na yan. Yung isa naman kung maka-advertise ng ariel. Pero oo nga, 7.50 na ang ariel ngayon. That is also worth the news.

5.  Aanhin mo ang mapuputing kili-kili kung wala ka namang makain.

walang makain 2
Kung well travelled si Ina Raymundo, malamang pati ang kanyang kili-kili ay well travelled din. Kaya?

6.  Huwag punahin ang kili-kili ng iba, nakamamatay.

buhay pa kaya? kili kili 3
Masyadong violente mag-isip ito. Patayan agad? Pwede bang pag-usapan muna kung ano ang gagawin sa kili kili na yan?

7.  May koneksyon ang kulay ng iyong kili-kili sa iyong pagbubuntis.

pagbubuntis kili kili final
So ibig ba sabihin, kung wala kang pambili ng pregnancy test kit, e tignan mo nalang kung nangingitim ang kili-kili ng asawa mo? Kung nangingitim na ito – POSITIVE!

8.  Pwedeng kumita sa maiitim na kili-kili.

pampaputi business
Bilib ako sa taong ito. Very entrepreneurial. Ito ang isa sa mga taong magiging milyonaryo kung ang mundo ay dumilim dahil sa maiitim na kili-kili.

9.  Malaki ang posibilidad na binayaran ni PNOY si Ina Raymundo para i-divert ang issue mula sa Mamasapano.

pinoy s fault

Ayan po, I hope that you learned from the above realizations.  If you want to add more, leave a comment.

This article is an offshoot of my stressful day.  Have a blast!


This photo is grabbed from the web.
This photo is grabbed from the web.

After reading the headlines regarding a school that allegedly stopped a salutatorian from reading her speech, I immediately reacted against the school. Without giving it second thought, I judged the school and felt for the student.

To satisfy my curiosity, I read Kristel Mallari’s speech and found myself empathizing with the school. Since this has become a national interest, some of my colleagues and I expressed our two cents on the issue, which led us to watch the video. In the video, you will see several people trying to stop the student from continuing her speech. I could not deny that I felt bad for the student because the school administrators appeared as if they were ganging up on a helpless child. If only the school allowed her to finish her speech, then it could have not been sensationalized as it is now. Some of the comments from the social media say that it needed to happen to shed light to the anomalies that schools often do in computing the grades of honor students. On the other hand, some of the netizens think that Kristel chose the wrong venue to vent her frustrations.

Here are my thoughts regarding the matter and I am looking at it from different points of view (as a lawyer, as a citizen, as a parent, and as a school owner) and after reading the speech and watching the video:

1) A graduation speech is meant to encourage and inspire and I think it is not the proper venue to vent that kind of complaint. For argument purposes, if there are anomalies and the same was not addressed at school level, the next step is to elevate it to the Department of Education for them to properly handle the matter. Although, just like what the other netizens expressed, justice might not be achieved even if the same was elevated to the Department of Education. But still, Kristel cannot take the law into her hands.

2) The school made a wrong move in stopping Kristel from continuing to deliver her speech. They should have just allowed her to finish and dealt with the matter after the ceremonies. Their action in preventing her from delivering her speech might confuse Kristel all the more and might even add to her scars. Their concerted efforts to stop Kristel made them look like fools and helped Kristel gain the public’s side.


  • Should Kristel decide to file a complaint, the school’s administrators might be held liable for child abuse if it can be proven that their actions in preventing Kristel from reading her speech affected her psychological well being;
  • The school may, on the other hand, sue for damages if they think that Kristel’s actions marred its reputation.


Rigie: Are there certain privileges that the Valedictorian will get and the Salutatorian will not? Or did the people involved just exaggerate the honor that was “rightfully” hers, and that she should “fight” for? The whole point of studying is to learn. If the school doesn’t recognize her efforts, then so what? Did she do it to get recognized by the school? Or did she do it for herself? to learn? and to have a bright future? The point here is that graduating high school with honors is cool and all, but it’s not what’s most important. The kid might be smart and all, but what she did just shows arrogance. 

LiterateLush: The difference between a Valedictiorian and a Salutatorian is that the former precedes the latter. The difference is that you came first among the rest, and not second. This makes a difference when you put it on your CV to apply for a university or a job. This makes a big difference when you made 1001% effort to reach that goal and then fall short. 

Yes, we go to school to study, but people that go up the ranks to become honor students go beyond what is required. They make studying a habit. They make huge leaps to ensure they go beyond passing. 

 It’s like going to work. It’s like doing your job. The purpose is so you can earn a living. If that were the case then why are there people who strive to become more in the work place? Why are there people who work to become managers, trainers and innovators? 

I did not see anything wrong with her speech. There was nothing arrogant about it. She was just saying she tried to make it to the top but she lost. She made a reference to cheating and not fighting fairly, but she did not point fingers or name names. If the school just kept their cool and let her finish, then this whole thing wouldn’t have exploded like it did. Regardless of the fact that the speech was not pre-approved, they should have just let her continue then have a talk with her after the ceremony. 

Having read the background story on this video, it only shows the school administrators in bad light. They acted as any guilty person would, and that is to stop the other person from finishing what they had to say. They were the more mature and more educated persons in this situation. They should have known better. 

 NOTE: The above comments were lifted in toto from http://www.rappler.com/nation/87807-deped-timing-qc-salutatorian-speech.

In conclusion, I would like to add that there are always two sides of the coin and it is too early to tell as to who shall  be faulted in this scandal.  To Kristel Millari, I congratulate you for finishing the race.  The Valedictory award may or may not be for you but one thing is for sure, you have survived high school with flying colors.  Off to college you go! 🙂  To the school, learn from this experience, you have to let your salutatorians finish their speech whether the same praises or castigates you.  To Deped,  better conduct your investigation in the soonest possible time so we can move on to the next issue. Lastly, to the valedictorian, I pity you for you have been in a way discredited but take this as a challenge to prove that you really deserved it.

Magandang buhay sa lahat!

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We offer Baby, Toddler/Nursery & Kindergarten Classes in small groups. For inquiries call 09178120753. Visit us at 2nd Floor, Luke Foundation Building, #90 Leonard Wood Road, Baguio City.
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Dear Kuya D,

Ako po si Sylvia Catacutan, 5 years na po kaming umuupa ng isang unit sa isang commercial building dito sa Baguio City, nagbebenta po kami ng dry goods na ina-angkat pa namin sa Divisoria. Noong una maganda naman po ang daloy ng negosyo namin kaya updated po kami sa pagbabayad ng upa. Kaya lang naging delayed na po ang aming payments nang malugi ang aming negosyo.

Sa kasalukuyan, eight (8) months na po kaming delayed sa pagbayad ng upa. Humihingi po kami ng palugit pero sadyang malupit ang nagpapa-upa sa amin at ora-orada na kaming pinapalayas. Di po nila kami binibigyan ng contrata at nag-research po kami at nakita namin na walang permit sa city hall ang nagpapa-upa sa amin. Ang mga tanong ko po ay:

  • Pwede po bang gamiting rason na nalulugi kami kaya delayed ang payments namin?
  • Wala po kaming kontrata na pinirmahan, legal po ba ang agad agarang pag-papa-alis sa amin?
  • Dapat parin po ba kaming mag-bayad ng upa kahit nalaman namin na walang permit mag-paupa ang aming inuupahan?

Sana po ay masagot niyo ang aking mga katanungan, maraming salamat po.

Dear Ms. Sylvia Catacutan,

Bago ko sagutin ang mga tanong mo, nais ko lang i-explain na ang mga sagot ko ay hindi ko i-babbase sa Republic Act 9653 or Rental Control Act of 2009 dahil residential units lang ang saklaw ng nasabing batas. Ang mga sagot sa iyong katanungan ay base sa New Civil Code of the Philippines.

  1. Pwede po bang gamiting rason na nalulugi kami kaya delayed ang payments namin?  

Sagot: Ayon sa Article. 1658 of the Civil Code – The lessee may suspend the payment of the rent in case the lessor fails to make the necessary repairs or to maintain the lessee in peaceful and adequate enjoyment of the property leases.

Klaro sa batas na pwede mo lang i-suspend o i-delay ang iyong payments kung yung landlord mo ay hindi inayos ang mga karapat-dapat ayusin sa iyong inu-upahan o di kaya ay di nila ma-maintain at masiguro ang iyong malayang paggamit sa property na iyong inuupahan.

Kaya ang pag-kalugi mo ay hindi legal na rason para ma-delay ka sa pagbabayad ng iyong upa. Pero siyempre, ibang usapan pa din kung madaling kausap ang lessor mo, lahat naman ay nadadala sa usapan.

     2. Wala po kaming kontrata na pinirmahan, legal po ba ang agad agarang pag-papa-alis sa amin kahit 5 years na kaming umuupa sa kanila?

Sagot: Under Article 1687 of the New Civil Code –

If the period for the lease has not been fixed, it is understood to be from year to year, if the rent agreed upon is annual; from month to month, if it is monthly; xxx However, even though a monthly rent is paid, and no period for the lease has been set, the courts may fix a longer term for the lease after the lessee has occupied the premises for over one year. xxx

Based on the above article, dahil wala kayong kontratang pinirmahan at monthly ang bayaran ng inyong renta, ibig lang sabihin niyan na monthly ang renewal niyo. Kaya pwedeng mag-decide sila na di na kayo i-renew next month.

Sa tanong mo kung pwede ba nila kayong paalisin nang agad-agaran –

Under Article 1673 of the New Civil Code –

The lessor may judicially eject the lessee for any of the following causes:

(1) When the period agreed upon, or that which is fixed for the duration of leases under Articles 1682 and 1687, has expired;

(2) Lack of payment of the price stipulated;

(3) Violation of any of the conditions agreed upon in the contract;

(4) When the lessee devotes the thing leased to any use or service not stipulated which causes the deterioration thereof; or if he does not observe the requirement in No. 2 of Article 1657, as regards the use thereof.


Pwede ka nilang paalisin pero dapat ay daanin nila ito sa proseso sa pamamagitan ng pagbibigay sa iyo ng demand to pay and vacate and usually you are given 5 days to comply.

Kung di naman kayo nag-comply ay maaari silang mag file ng UNLAWFUL DETAINER against you.

Pag naka-file na sila ng case, you will be given time to answer their complaint, dun mo na sabihin na 5 years na kayong umuupa at humiling ka sa korte kung pwedeng i-extend pa ang pag-upa niyo dahil more than one year naman na kayo diyan. But you have to give the court a good reason kung bakit kailangan i-extend pa yan e di naman na kayo nakakabayad ng renta.

Pero payong kapatid lang, kung di na ninyo kayang bayaran ang renta at kung lugi na rin lang kayo, magandang i-vacate niyo nalang ang inuupahan niyo para di na mag-accumulate ang unpaid rentals niyo at maki-compromise nalang kayo kung paano niyo babayaran ang arrears para naman mag-generate na ng income ang landlord niyo.

     3. Dapat parin po ba kaming mag-bayad ng upa kahit nalaman namin na walang permit mag-paupa ang aming inuupahan?

Sagot: Oo naman, ibang issue ang hindi nila pagkakaroon ng  permit. Liable sila sa city government pero hindi sila liable sa                    inyo kaya magandang bayaran niyo nalang ang renta niyo.

Paalala lang po sa readers natin, ang legal opinion po na ito ay base lang sa kwento na naibigay sa amin at sa aming pagkaka-intindi nito. Maaaring magbago ang aming opinion kung may karagdagang kwento.

Sana ay naliwanagan namin ang iyong mga katanungan Ms. Sylvia Catacutan.

Note: Para sa mga legal na katanungan, maari po kayong mag-iwan ng message sa aming facebook page, just click the picture below para ma-direct kayo sa aming facebook page:

dexter 123
Click me to visit to our facebook page.

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We offer Baby, Toddler/Nursery & Kindergarten Classes in small groups.  For inquiries call 09178120753.  Visit us at 2nd Floor, Luke Foundation Building, #90 Leonard Wood Road, Baguio City.
We offer Baby, Toddler/Nursery & Kindergarten Classes in small groups. For inquiries call 09178120753. Visit us at 2nd Floor, Luke Foundation Building, #90 Leonard Wood Road, Baguio City.


Ano ang gagawin mo kung inutusan ka ng asawa mo na itext ang kanyang kalaguyo?

Dear Kuya D,

Kunyari lang si Milagring si Kaye Abad.

Isa po akong mapagmahal na asawa na itago nalang natin sa pangalang Milagring. Vendor po ako dito sa Baguio City Market. Thirty years na po kaming kasal ng aking mister at nabiyayaan po kami ng tatlong anak. Masipag po ang aking asawa at hindi naman nagkukulang sa suporta. Ang problema lang po ay nambabae siya ng lantaran. May time pa po na pinapatext po niya sa akin ang kanyang kalaguyo at sabihin ko daw sa kanya kung saan daw sila magkikita. Ako naman si tanga at tinetext ko naman po. Nasasaktan po ako, ayoko po sanang maghiwalay kami pero nasasaktan po talaga ako sa kanyang ginagawa.

Exhibit A, ito po ang gamit ni Milagring na cellphone para itext ang kalaguyo ng kanyang asawa. Medyo mas naging iritable siya dahil kasalukuyan siyang naglalaro ng SNAKE sa mga panahong iyon.

Ano po ba ang pwede kong gawin?

Dear Milagring,

First, gaya ng sinabi mo, di ko ilalahad ang iyong tunay na pangalan kaya itinago kita sa pangalang Milagring. Sana ay nagustuhan mo ang iyong screen name sakaling madiscover ka at maging artista.

Anyways, salamat sa iyong makabagbag damdamin na kwento. Ngayon, ano ba ang pwede mong gawin?

Let me dissect the facts. Ayon sa iyong liham, ito ang aking mga naintindihan:

  • Walang problema sa suporta dahil hindi naman nagkukulang ang iyong asawa, so di rin kita papayuhan na mag file ng petition for support.
  • Inuutusan ka ng iyong asawa na itext ang kanyang kalaguyo at sabihin dito kung saan sila magkikita. – Aba ate, hindi ko alam kung saan ka humugot ng lakas para makapagsend ng message. Kung hindi mo kayang suwayin ang iyong asawa sa bagay na ito pwede mo namang sabihin na “hon wala akong load”.
  • Gusto mo lang magbago ang iyong asawa at ayaw mong maghiwalay kayo pero nasasaktan ka sa kanyang ginagawa. – If that is the case, maganda yan kasi may chance pa naman na magbago ang isang tao. Mag-usap usap kayong magpapamilya at ayusin ang situation.

In case na hindi naman na talaga siya magbago eto ang mga legal actions na pwede mong gawin:

  • Pwede kang magfile ng Annulment. Ilahad mo sa iyong abogado ang kwento ng inyong naudlot na pagmamahalan para makita niya kung anong grounds ang gagamitin niya at kung meron man. Paalala lang Milagring (hindi mo totoong pangalan) na ang pambabae ay hindi grounds upang ma-annul ang inyong marriage. Explore mo lang ng abogado mo kasi di kumpleto yung kwento mo para masabi ko kung may grounds ka ba o wala. Gagawin mo lang naman ito kung gusto mo pang mag-re-marry or if you have other plans in life.

Ito ang matitindi –

  • Mag-file ng case under Violence Against Women and their Children or R.A. 9262.

Ayon sa batas:

            Sec. 5. Acts of Violence Against Women and Their Children. – The crime of violence against women and their children is committed through any of the following acts:


            (h) Engaging in purposeful, knowing, or reckless conduct, personally or through another, that alarms or causes substantial emotional or psychological distress to the woman or her child. xxx


            (i) Causing mental or emotional anguish, public ridicule or humiliation to the woman or her child, including but not limited to, repeated verbal and emotional abuse, xxx

Dun palang sa pag-utos niya sa iyo na pagtext sa kanyang kalaguyo, I assume na you are emotionally battered. If you are, then you should go through psychological evaluation para maipakita ito at para may katibayan ka na ikaw nga ay nagsa-suffer ng emotional or psychological distress. Kung wala kasi iyan, pwede ka naman pa rin mag-file kaya lang baka madismiss lang sa prosecutor’s office.

Kung sakaling naging successful ang iyong pagfile sa prosecutor’s office at umakyat ito sa korte, maaring makulong and iyong asawa ng 6 years and 1 day to 12 years kung napatunayang guilty siya. Kaya huwag din padalos dalos, baka mamaya e pwede naman pala kayong mag-usap lang muna. Marami kasing mga cases na ganito na nagfa-file ang mga babae tapos nakakatawa kasi sila rin lang magbabayad ng piyansa para makalabas ang kanilang asawa, kaya usap muna.

  • Mag-file ng Concubinage case:

Sino ang liable dito? Ang iyong asawa at ang kanyang kalaguyo na tinetext mo.

Ano ang mga dapat mong patunayan para maparusahan ang iyong asawa sa kasong ito?

  1. Na kasal kayo ng iyong asawa;
  2. At ginawa niya ang mga sumusunod na bagay:
  • Ibinahay niya ang kanyang kalaguyo sa inyong pamamahay;
  • Nakipagtalik siya sa isang ma-iskandalong sitwasyon sa isang babae na hindi niya asawa (malamang hindi ikaw yun);
  • Ibinahay niya ang isang babae at nakatira sila doon na parang mag-asawa.

3. Para sa babae, dapat alam niya na may asawa ang iyong asawa.

Medyo mahirap lang mapatunayan ang concubinage. Pero kung nag-uumapaw naman ang iyong ebidensiya ay okay lang.

Kung ako lang ang tatanungin, balik parin tayo sa dapat mag-usap muna kayo kesa magkaso-kaso dahil probationable lang ang kasong concubinage. Ano ang ibig sabihin ng probationable? Sa mga kasong 6 years below ang kulong, pwede silang mag-apply for probation at di sila makukulong. Di sila makukulong pero magrereport report lang sila sa probation office to attend activities for the purpose of reformation. So baka mainis ka lang kung makalaya rin lang yung asawa mo. Sa babae naman e destierro lang o pagsasabihan lang siyang magpakalayo-layo at pagbabawalang lumapit sa inyo. At ang piyansa? Mga 10k na pwedeng ma-reduce pa to 5k.

So ayan, Milagring, sana ay medyo naliwanagan ka after kong maibigay ang iyong mga choices. If I were you, try niyo muna mag-usap at huwag ka nang pumayag na utusan kang itext mo ang kanyang kalaguyo. Huwag mong ipapahalata na naka-unli text ka dahil for sure baka hindi ka makatanggi.

Note: Ang payong legal na ito ay base lang sa kwentong naibigay ni Milagring at maaring magbago kung may karagdagang kwento.

How to overcome grief.


I can’t help but think that I have already attended five (5) wakes this year and it is only the first quarter.

During these occasions, we are not actually sure how to comfort the families who were left behind. It is easy to tell them to be strong and move on but we can never truly understand the sadness and emptiness that they are going through unless we’ve been through it.

In the last wake that I attended, a pastor who was also grieving shared two things that we can do to keep our sanity and go on with life. While the message was being shared, I can’t help but be reminded of a colleague who asked me to write about how to overcome grief but I didn’t pursue the thought because I am no guru when it comes to dealing with the matter. But I believe this message that the pastor shared can help ease the pain as it is coming from someone who is going through this painful life experience.

Here are the two things that he shared:


According to the pastor, there is a tendency to stop moving because we tend to savor the good times that we’ve had with our loved one. The pastor suggested that we look at the time that we will soon be with our departed loved one and continue to finish our life race.

We should look at the finish line, press on with the journey and believe that at the end of it, our loved one will be there to congratulate us once we finish ours.


It is of great help that we commit ourselves to the Lord’s work. The Lord has given us our own life calling and it is his desire that we continue to live and fulfill it.

The pastor said that the grief that death brings can paralyze us. It is true that the pain will never go away but we can decide to dwell on the thought that we will meet them in His own sweet time.

Those are just two simple things. But simple as they are, he said that it is helping him go through the pain of loss.

Two days after that message, we received a call that our cousin died after drowning in the river. I haven’t had the chance to be close to him, but just the thought of him dying at such a young age shocked the family. Up to now and even after hearing the message, I still don’t know what to say to his mom and dad and his brother and sisters once I attend the wake.

But here are two (2) things that I realized after attending one wake after another:

1) Sometimes you just have to be present. The bereaved family may not notice that you are there but their loneliness will be eased if they see that a lot of their friends are there to comfort them. You don’t have to say anything if you are lost for words because no words need to be said in times like these.

“When someone is going through a storm your silent presence is more powerful than a million empty words.” – Thema Davis

2) Sometimes a hug can help. Since I’m sure most of us don’t know what to say, sometimes a hug will do.

Remember, “A hug is worth a thousand words.” – Anonymous

I would like to end with this quote:

“You will lose someone you can’t live without, and your heart will be badly broken, and the bad news is that you never completely get over the loss of your beloved. But this is also the good news. They live forever in your broken heart that doesn’t seal back up. And you come through. It’s like having a broken leg that never heals perfectly—that still hurts when the weather gets cold, but you learn to dance with the limp.” ― Anne Lamott

and with this bible verse:

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” – Matthew 11:28

This article is brought to you by:

We offer Baby, Toddler/Nursery & Kindergarten Classes in small groups.  For inquiries call 09178120753.  Visit us at 2nd Floor, Luke Foundation Building, #90 Leonard Wood Road, Baguio City.
We offer Baby, Toddler/Nursery & Kindergarten Classes in small groups. For inquiries call 09178120753. Visit us at 2nd Floor, Luke Foundation Building, #90 Leonard Wood Road, Baguio City.


                                    NEW BEGINNINGS FOR YOUR CHILD @ BRIGHT HOPE

Magkano ang ZUMBA SESSIONS sa Burnham Park, Baguio City?

Everyone is becoming health conscious these days.  Maririnig mo ang iyong mga ka-opisina planning to work out after work or turn on that speaker for an in-office zumba session.

Zumba sessions will cost you around more than a hundred per session if you hit the gym, but that is no longer the case.

Here in Baguio City, you can just plan an early walk at Burnham Park and do things like jogging, walking or joining zumba groups.  Yes, para silang mga union ng mga trabahante, may mga grupo sila.

Join me for a Zumba tour:

Ready to walk the talk.  Taken from Baguio, City Hall.
Taken from Baguio, City Hall.

Pagdating ko sa Burnham Park, nagulat ako sa dami ng grupong nagzuzumba!

I asked around and guess what! Zumba sessions start @ P20.00!  Saan ka pa?!  Kung wala ka namang P20.00, pwede kang magtago sa likod ng gumamela bush para di ka makita ng zumba instructor dahil malamang ay bilang niya kung ilan ang naki-ki-indak sa kanya to the tune of Michael Jackson’s Thriller song.

Sa dami ng nagzuzumba, I decided to take some memorable shots of my ZUMBA TOUR.  Here are my favorite ZUMBA SESSION PICS: (I’m not a photographer so forgive the quality, taga caption lang ako. hehe)

Mukha lang po silang nagpapatintero at si ate na naka-red ang taya, pero zumba session po talaga ito.

Ate, di na kita maipagtatanggol, mukha na talaga kayong naglalaro ng tumbang preso dito at ikaw ang taya.  Obvious na.
Ate, di na kita maipagtatanggol, mukha na talaga kayong naglalaro ng tumbang preso dito at ikaw ang taya. Obvious na.

Si ate naman na naka-yellow hindi naka-zumba attire.  Feeling ko galing lang siya ng party at inumaga na kaya naki-zumba nalang siya ng mapadaan sa Burnham.  Oo nga naman.
Si ate naman na naka-yellow hindi naka-zumba attire. Feeling ko galing lang siya ng party at inumaga na kaya naki-zumba nalang siya ng mapadaan sa Burnham. Oo nga naman.

Akala ko sila lang ang nagzuzumba but when I continued to walk to the other side of the park, I was amazed to see more of their kind.  (More of their kind talaga, hehe)

Dahil hindi makasunod si kuya na naka-puting outfit, mukhang nagdedesisyon siya kung susuntukin nalang niya ang kanyang dance instructor. hmmm
Dahil hindi makasunod si kuya (naka-puting outfit), mukhang nagdedesisyon siya kung susuntukin nalang niya ang kanyang dance instructor. hmmm

Ayan, mukhang nakapag-decide na si kuya.
Ayan, mukhang nakapag-decide na si kuya. (Pasensiya na maliit yung pictures, nandun siya sa right side)

Nagulat naman ako dito sa kabila, dahil iba ang kanilang trip, may variety…

Interpretative dance...
Interpretative dance…



At dahil hindi na daw uso ang duck face, tinuturuan niya din ang kanilang followers ng duck pose...
At dahil hindi na daw uso ang duck face, tinuturuan niya din ang kanilang followers ng duck pose…ang last instruction na narinig ko is ganyan sila maglalakad pauwi para mas effective yung exercise nila.

Pauwi na ako ng mapansin ko na nandito pa din ang grupong ito…

Hindi ko alam kung anong klaseng performance ang ginagawa ni kuya dito, pero pansin ko na puro seniors ang kaniyang mga audience at tuwang tuwa sina lola.
Hindi ko alam kung anong klaseng performance ang ginagawa ni kuya dito, pero kaya naman pala dahil puro seniors ang kaniyang mga clients at kailangan magdahan dahan para di mabigla.

Inip na inip naman si kuya magtataho dahil gusto na niyang makabenta...
Inip na inip naman si kuyang magtataho dahil gusto na niyang makabenta…

at mukhang aliw na aliw sina lola...
pero wait ka lang diyan dahil mukhang aliw na aliw pa si lola…

Pero di lang mga nagzuzumba ang napansin ko, namangha ako sa pagmamahalan ng dalawang ito:

Breakfast beside the lake ang kanilang trip...

…dahil breakfast beside the lake ang kanilang trip…para lang silang nasa isang floating restaurant with their gourmet coffee and malunggay pandesal.

Whew, paalala lang, if you join the zumba groups, don’t forget to


para mapanatili ang kalinisan sa Baguio City. So ayan, alam niyo na kung saan makiki-zumba ng pasok sa budget!

Mag-ukay na ng zumba clothes and join them. Thanks for reading and joining me in my random morning adventure.  Until next time!