Since I do not belong to the alta sociedad, I am not really familiar with Balesin Island Club. I only heard about it when Chiz Escudero and Heart Evangelista got married and I was not invited.

I love travelling and sleeping in luxurious hotels (when sponsored) but I will have to be frank that I would probably have to spend my life savings before I could possibly visit this exclusive club. (I didn’t check the rates yet actually, but who knows? Baka afford ko pala, change topic please.)

After reading the latest scoop involving the famous island, my longing to spend time in that resort died down (as if). According to the earlier write ups, they have this meal that they call “yaya meal” in Balesin, so I got curious and did my own web investigation on this brewing-to-be-national-issue. My inquiry on the matter led me to Maggie Wilson-Consunji’s facebook account: maggie wilson Here are her posts that started it all:

what started it.
Parang ayokong tumabi kay Connor. Baka pagkamalan akong driver niya and they’ll probably shove the driver’s meal to my throat. Here in Baguio City, when you visit OMAIKAN RESTAURANT (This is free advertisement by the way), they have what you call CONQUEROR’S MEAL, dito nalang kayo kumain Maggie, with your yaya.

After her posts, as usual, comments flooded her page, she later on posted this clarification:

maggie cleared the issue
Oh, si nanay naman pala ang may gusto ng yaya’s meal. Kahit naman siguro kung ako si nanay e pag nakita ko na mas mura yung yaya’s meal e yun din ang oorderin ko. Pero I’m sure baka masarap kasi yung meal na yun kaya same order din si nanay. Pero ang good thing here is hindi binigay yung yaya’s meal sa nanay ni Maggie, kasi kapag nalaman niya in the long run na strictly pang yaya pala yun tapos binigay sa kanya ng walang tanong tanong e baka mas magkaroon pa ng malaking issue. Anyways, kidding aside, you are right Maggie. Very wrong to have named the meal Yaya’s meal. Why not call it “budget meal” instead? Haay, Alta Sociedad these days.

Ano nga ba ang itsura ng scandalous yaya meal na yan?  Here is a pic:

Oh, ano naman pala siya. Hmmm, medyo di ako naka-react sa kung ano siya. Pork or chicken adobo daw according to (Pic courtesy of

Medyo nagising ang aking ulirat sa mga pangyayaring ito.  If in Balesin, their chicken and pork adobo is called “yaya meal”.  Here are some of my precious life realizations:

1)  Since my breakfast is most of the time hotdogs and eggs or just plain bread, I am probably eating a “TAONG GRASA MEAL”.  Ganun ba ang gustong ipahiwatig ng pangyayaring ito?

2)  If by any chance, I become a member of Balesin Island Club, I would immediately be banned dahil I will be ordering yaya meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner or probably not because they won’t notice.

3)  My friends would probably hate me if i treat them to Balesin and say “waiter, pa-order nga ng limang yaya meals for me and my friends please, with extra rice”.

4)  A lot of Filipinos will die to have a yaya meal at least once a week.

5)  Para sa mga alta sociedad, bilog ang mundo, darating ang panahon na luluhod ang mga tala at kakain din kayo ng YAYA MEALS na yan, bwahahaha!

6)  Sa tingin ko lang, dapat ang pagiging alta ay through and through. I mean if you go visit Balesin, I hope you order the same food for your helpers.  Otherwise, baka naman di niyo talaga afford ang pagiging alta.

To end this, I am proud to say that tonight, my wife cooked me a yaya meal.  It was good.  It was really good and I will probably eat yaya meal again tomorrow.

I’m sure ikaw din, baka yaya meal din kinain mo kanina. hehe.


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  1. Yeah. Grave at least man lang budget meal or maybe regular meals? I think I ate pulubi meal knina.. Ever heard of tinolang itlog? 😄😆

  2. You can’t call it budget meal or value meal because it would imply anyone can order it. Besides if you call it anything else like kasambahay, staff, helper’s meal would still put you under fire from Internet haters.
    Taking it off entirely from the ordering option would make share holders and guest unhappy.
    Truth is you can’t make everyone happy.

    1. Thanks for that Joey. 🙂 Or i suggest that they still call it budget/value meal with a disclaimer as usual that members are not allowed to order it budget/value meals. 🙂 Just a thought.

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