Recently, two people died in Manila from allegedly drinking contaminated milk tea drink. News spread like wildfire and people were alarmed because once in their life, well, they had a sip of that popular drink.

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DOH released its findings and found no toxic substance from the milk tea sample which they gathered from the milk tea establishment.  What could have gone wrong?  Well, let us just wait for further news on this. In the meantime, here are some of the netizens thoughts on the issue:


conspiracy theory
I think the investigators should find this person. Baka mas mapadali ang imbestigasyon.


idea to kill drug addicts milk tea
Pwedeng pamuksa sa mga addict ang substance na nalagay sa milk tea. At least di lang sila maha-high, heaven na agad ang bagsak nila. Kung doon nga. hehe

3.  MAS MABUTING MAG-LASING KESA MAG MILK TEA? lasenggo milk tea 4. BAN MILK TEA? BAKET? ban milk tea? di niya business 5. MILK TEA + MILK TEA = FORMALIN?

mr google comment research milk tea
Itanong niyo nalang kay kuya kim!

6.  PAINUMIN NG MILK TEA ANG MGA BINAY? bigyan milk tea si nancy binay milk tea inom 7.  KASALANAN NI PNOY?

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kasalanan ni PNOY ang milk tea
Ang lalim ng hugot ha. Pati ba naman load mo ate kasalanan ni PNOY? wahehe

Anyways, here are my life realizations on this matter:

1)  Sales on Milk Tea drink will be at its lowest.  Kahit mag buy one take one pa siguro sila. Unless may buy one take one din na ataul? (So morbid)

2) Pag may kaaway ka at inabutan ka ng Milk Tea.  Alam mo na.

3)  Huwag paghaluhin ang Milk at Tea.  Nakakamatay.

4)  If it does not smell good.  Don’t dare drink it. Kahit amoy ariel pa yan dahil 7.50 nalang ang ariel baka yan ang ginamit na sangkap.

5) Pag bumula ang bibig, malamang uminom ng Milk Tea, nagmumug ng ariel, or marami lang talagang excess na laway.

Kidding aside, paalala lang po na mag-ingat sa pag-bili ng pagkain sa kung saan saan para maiwasan ang accidente or food poisoning.  Have a great day!

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