LA PARILLA, CAFE AND GRILL: A Baguio City cafe that embraced nature.

dex at la parilla
Don’t have time to go out of town to have an encounter with nature? Enjoy nature’s landscape at La Parilla Cafe and Grill.

During stressful weeks, I always look for a place where I can dine and relax and just forget about my busy city life. You may say that there are a lot of places with that kind of description here in Baguio and I will agree to that.  But I have a new discovery:  LA PARILLA CAFE AND GRILL, located at #68 Kisad Road, Baguio City – this cafe is so near the central business district yet the ambiance gives you a feel of being in a hidden and secluded mountain resort. You will not miss this if you are traversing Kisad Road because it is exactly where INN ROCIO & Restaurant is located.

la parilla inn rocio
Just look for this inviting facade along Kisad Road.

Well, I didn’t have to wait for me to be stressed but I decided to visit La Parilla Cafe and Grill because Bright Hope Room for Growth, Inc., a school that my wife and I founded, just concluded its school year 2014-2015 so that gave us a reason to celebrate.

As a treat to ourselves and our dedicated teachers, we chose La Parilla Cafe and Grill as part of our year-end luncheon. The place is so inviting and you will surely give in to selfie temptations while waiting for your order.  Here are some captured memories at La Parilla Grill and Cafe during our Bright Hope Room for Growth, Inc., Admin and Teachers’ Year-End Luncheon:

Bright hope teachers
Teacher Xermaine, Ms. Lorna and Teacher Julienne of Bright Hope Room for Growth, Inc.
abbey and dee
Family Friendly Set-up: Baby Phillip, my wife Abbey and our friend Lady getting comfy at La Parilla’s couch. We failed to bring Phillip’s stroller but this corner of La Parilla made life easy for us during that day.


ONION RINGS: the crunch and dip is a delight. A platter is enough to be shared by 4 to 6 people. Kasi nga appetizer lang. Pero kung yan ang ulam mo siyempre ibang usapan yun. Hehe. (Forgive the quality of the pic, di bale real life naman yan, no edits)
FRIES: As part of the appetizer, the teachers also had fries and were discussing the difference between fresh french fries over fast food french fries. La Parilla of course serves fresh ones. Para ano pa at nasa Baguio tayo diba? Vegetables here at La Parilla Cafe and Grill are also as fresh as the morning dew.
HEAVY MEALL ADD-ONS: If you order heavy meals, you will be served bread and butter, pop corn, and soup while you wait for the main entrée.
pinoy platter
PINOY BBQ FAVORITES, FAMILY PLATTER: Good for 3 to 4 persons. A combination of Chicken, Pork BBQ, Liempo, Baby Back Ribs, Vegetable Sidings & Rice! The baby back ribs won my heart.
lemon and mint leaves
If you are a health buff, you will appreciate the freshness of their drinking water with lemon and mint leaves.
platter for sharing
We shared 2 FAMILY PLATTERS, nakakabusog siya. We ordered 2 more extra viands kasi akala namin kulang pero takaw tingin lang pala kami.  Mabigat siya sa tiyan, promise. Hehe.


cofee table
CATCH UP WITH FRIENDS! Enjoy coffee and chit-chat with friends at their outside dining area! If you are a tourist, you will surely experience Baguio just by being on this spot. 🙂
abbey and i date la parilla
ROMANTIC MOMENTS with your spouse. La Parilla offers an environment for cheesy moments such as this.
the main hall
MAIN DINING AREA: Spacious and the architecture will make you say, ah, indeed this is a classy resto.
old baguio pictures wall
OLD BAGUIO WALL: If you are new here in Baguio, don’t forget to give this wall a second glance. You’ll either love the change or want to go back and live in the old Baguio.
garden function area
OUTDOOR FUNCTION AREA: This space is good for very very intimate weddings, baby dedications, birthdays and other occasions. The place is very easy to decorate and convert into something that will suit your taste. Besides, wala nang kailangan i-decorate kasi as is e very elegant na siya. 🙂

The launching of La Parilla Cafe and Grill is a gift to the City of Baguio. It gives me another reason to say that I have made the right decision of staying here and building a career in this fast growing city.

Others make concrete jungles out of their properties but congratulations to the owners of La Parilla Cafe and Grill, I’m glad that you decided to embrace nature.

Again, food is great and I will surely keep coming back but not only because of the food but because of the calmness that the place brings to my soul. (Kasi if the price is right, kalma lang talaga ako.  Dito magugulat ka na quality na ang food at affordable pa ang price kaya – it is really calming to ones soul.)

If you plan to visit the place, just tell them you read about it from my blog and you’ll surely get…a smile from their friendly wait staff.


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