Entitled ka ba sa SERVICE INCENTIVE LEAVE (Article 95, Labor Code of the Philippines.)?

Dear Kuya D,

Kuya, i’m really stressed at the moment.  My name is Maya D. Macabebe, I am currently working for a Spa Center as a receptionist.  It has been 3 months now that I have been working for this Spa Center and I tried to file for two (2) days leave kasi may beach outing kami ng mga friends ko.  My manager ba naman did not allow me saying wala pa daw akong one (1) year.  Imagine?  Ang pagkaka-alam ko po kasi e I am entitled to Service Incentive Leave.  I feel so deprived, I feel like tinanggalan ako ng karapatang mabuhay.  Wala po ba akong karapatang mag-beach?  Wala po ba akong karapatang mag-leave?

Dear Maya,

Alam mo kapatid, wag ka masyado paka-stress.  Di ka lang pinayagan mag-leave e tinanggalan ka na agad ng karapatang mabuhay?  Paano pa kaya kung tinanggal ka sa trabaho e di nag-evaporate ka na?  Unang una, trabaho ba ang priority mo o ang pagbabarkada?

Ngayon, sa tanong mo kung wala ka bang karapatang mag-beach eto ang aking sagot:  Lahat ng tao ay may karapatang pumunta sa dagat at mag-beach.  Walang makakapigil sa iyo diyan.  Go ahead and be the mermaid that you’ve always wanted to become,

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or a “kuhol” kung ayaw mo ng mermaid.

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Sunod, entitled ka na ba sa Service Incentive Leave? Read my discussion below:

What is the concept of a Service Incentive Leave?

Service Incentive Leave (SIL) is five (5) days leave with pay for every employee who has rendered at least one (1) year of service.

What is One (1) year of service in relation to SIL?

It is service within 12 months, whether continuous or broken, reckoned from the date the employee started working including authorized absences and paid regular holidays unless the number of working days in the establishment, as a matter of practice or policy or as provided in the employment contract, is less than 12 months.

What are the exceptions to the application of SIL?

SIL does NOT apply to the following:

1) Employees of the government;

2) Domestic helpers and persons in the personal service of another;

3) Managerial employees;

4) Field personnel whose performance is unsupervised or those who are paid a fixed amount for performing work irrespective of the time consumed in the performance thereof;

5) Those already enjoying the said benefits;

6) Those already enjoying vacation leave with pay for at least 5 days; and

7) Those employed in establishments regularly employing less than 10 employees. (Sec. 1, Rule V, Book 3, Rules Implementing the Labor Code)

Based on my discussion above, since you are only employed for three (3) months palang, very clear na hindi applicable sa iyo ang Service Incentive leave.  Dapat may isang taon ka muna .At kahit na may isang taon ka nang empleyado pero ang employer mo ay nag-e-employ lang ng less than 10 employees, di ka pa rin qualified to have SIL.

Ano ang remedyo mo ngayon?  Umabsent ka pero alalahanin mo na without pay yan or gamitin mo nalang yung rest day mo kasi entitled ka naman to a rest day every week.

Kung mapilit ka at umabsent ka without pay, ano ang magiging effect?  Siyempre bad shot ka na sa pinapasukan mo.  Wala namang masama sa pag-absent basta reasonable ang rason.  Pero kung magbe-beach ka lang aba depende na yan sa management, kasi pwede ka nilang di payagan lalo na kung ma-aabandona ang trabaho mo.

Practical Advice:

Mag-isip ka kung mahal mo ba ang trabaho mo.  Kasi kung ang ina-atupag mo e ang pagbabarkada hindi rin yan maganda para sa career mo at lalong hindi matutuwa ang mga employers mo.  Imagine, three (3) months ka pa lang e aabsent ka na for the reason na mag-bebeach ka? E di wow, di ba?

So Maya, if you are still young, I suggest that you focus on your career muna.  Malayo ang mararating mo kung pakitaan mo ng maganda ang employer mo.  Excel in your job and everything will follow.

Remember to value your job kung gusto mong umasenso sa buhay.

I hope na naliwanagan ka Maya, so sabihan mo nalang mga friends mo na pass ka muna sa beach outing na yan.  I hope that I was able to help you.  If you have other legal questions, do not hesitate to message me on my facebook account or put a comment on this article.  Paalala, ang payo ko sa iyo ay base lang sa tanong mo at maaring mabago ang aking advise kung may karagdagang impormasyon.


Proverbs 12:24 – The hand of the diligent will rule, while the slothful will be put to forced labor.

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