During my stint as an Employer-Employee Relations Officer, I have interviewed a lot of job applicants who don’t really know what they want in life.  Their answer to the question “why are you applying for this job” is – “because I need it to support myself, I badly need a job”.  If you have answered that question in that way, we already see that as a RED FLAG.

The No. 1 tip I can give you when you go job hunting is to look into your heart first and find that PASSION that drives you.  What do you love doing?

steve jobs
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If you are able to answer that question sincerely, then go – chase that dream and everything will follow.


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Dexter Diwas

Dexter Diwas is a native of Baguio City. He spends his free time writing about anything that has got to do with Life, Law and the City of Baguio. Read, Like and Share his articles to inform, inspire or plainly just to make someone happy today. :) You can reach him on twitter @dexterdiwas

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