How a “Benefit Dinner” helped and healed wounded souls.

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July 18, 2015, Baguio City – The rain never stopped for almost three weeks in the City of Pines which made the Baguio people hibernate in their homes.  Despite the unbelievable downpour of water, big hearted individuals were not fazed to grace the once-a-year Benefit Dinner organized by Helping Hands, Healing Hearts Ministries Philippines Inc. (HHHMPI) last July 18, 2015 from  5pm to 12 midnight at CAP – John Hay Convention Center.

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HHHMPI is a non-stock, non-profit organization that rescues sick and dying Filipino children and gives them hope and practical help.  They also maintain homes for orphans and abandoned children in Olongapo City and Baguio City.

The Benefit Dinner was spearheaded by its Executive Director Claire G. Henderson, an Irish national whose life calling is to care for the sick and be a bridge for orphans and abandoned children to find their “forever families”.

Claire Henderson with children from Helping Hands Healing Hearts Children’s Recovery Unit – Olongapo City.

To be honest, I was expecting the dinner to be just the usual where people socialize and meet new friends but it’s really different if the Lord’s hand is at work.  Claire warmed the night by introducing Helping Hands, Healing Hearts Ministries Philippines Inc., through a video that touched the hearts of the audience.

Claire G. Henderson’s warming welcome during a cold and rainy night.

You can’t blame the audience from crying after watching the video as it celebrated God’s goodness through the lives of HHHMPI volunteers and spoke to the heart for us to reach out to the sick, the orphans and the abandoned children.

After the powerful and heart striking introduction, we were cheered by Claire’s announcement that food is served and that we will be entertained by performances from the HHHMPI children while enjoying our sumptuous dinner.

More than 220 individuals braved the rain to attend this momentous evening for the benefit of Helping Hands Healing Hearts children.
The big kids from Helping Hands, Healing Hearts performing at the Benefit Dinner.

Thanks to Mario’s, Le Chef, Chaya, Chef’s Home, Canto and Forest House for coming up with a feast-like dinner for the 220 people who supported the night.  This should give you another reason to visit these restaurants, I provided you their links to make it easy for you to discover them.

As the rain unstoppably poured, the blessings likewise overflowed through raffles. Some donors donated hotel accommodations, their personal stuff with sentimental value and some memorabilia for auctioning, 100% of the proceeds went to HHHMPI.  It was an overwhelming night.

I was praying for my raffle ticket to be called for this 50 inch TV but the Lord said I have to make do with our 24 inch TV set. Well. 🙂
Hotel accommodations, personal stuff with sentimental value and some memorabilia were out for auctioning.

My wife and I went home encouraged and at the same time burdened for the Filipino people. The “Benefit Dinner” affected us so much in a way that we were challenged to continue with our advocacies in order to be of help in whatever way we can.

Claire, Abbey, Dex and Gary during the Benefit Dinner.
Claire, Abbey, Dex and Gary during the Benefit Dinner.

On behalf of the Filipino people, we extend our gratitude and declare blessings and provisions to Helping Hands Healing Hearts Ministries Philippines, Inc.  We are grateful that you opened your hearts to help the needy and allowed yourselves to be an instrument to heal the wounded souls.

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  1. Thank you for attending our 3rd annual event. It has grown from 63 guests the first year to this. Praying that next year, we double it. It was my husband’s vision to grow it so much, that we would need the Cap Center before we end our assignment here in 2020. We never thought we would be there so quickly. Thank you for your wonderful article and hope to see you next year.

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