CHAYA: Authentic Japanese Restaurant in Baguio City

I have been to this Japanese (レストラン) Restaurant several times and pity that it is only now that I am writing about it.  There are several Japanese restaurants in the City of Baguio but if you are looking for the most authentic, the place to look for is…

chaya signage

Now let us see what Chaya has to offer:

 The Grub:

You will be handed an easy to navigate menu to help you start your Japanese food experience.

menu chaya
There are a dozen of entrees on Chaya’s Menu but you will not have a hard time choosing that one food that will make you want to visit Japan for more. 🙂

Now, let us get the ball rolling.  To start of, you will be served tuna and a sesame sprinkled spinach for an appetizer.  This is already included in your order and is not charged separately.  With the kind of appetizer that they served us, they communicated how committed they are to providing nothing but healthy options for food.

chaya appetize
A flavorful tuna and sesame sprinkled spinach for an appetizer. Very Chaya!

While waiting for the main entree, warm your stomach with Chaya’s miso soup…

soup chaya

After a few stories are told, here comes what we waited for – two (2) plates of TEMAKI SUSHI @ P680.00 per plate.  With each serving, you will be able to feed 3 to 4 hungry souls. 🙂 With this entree you will experience rolling your own sushi!

temaki sushi
@ Chaya, you will have the chance to enjoy a plate of sashimi, crab sticks, egg, cucumber, cooked shitake and caviar!
sushi roll
This is how my sushi rolls @ Chaya!

Apart from the sushi rolling experience, here are some of their “must try” rice bowls:

Chashudon – The marinated egg in this entree makes it a winner!

Steamed rice topped with tenderly cooked pork in sweet soy sauce served with marinated egg (nitamago) @ P320.00. (As described in Chaya’s Menu)


Steamed rice topped with thinly sliced beef loin, onions, dashi soup, egg seasoned with Japanese ingredients @ P320.00. (As described in Chaya’s Menu)

Don’t miss their Green Tea shake!

drinks chaya
Try this thirst quenching green tea shake or their buko shake. Sorry I was not able to take a photo of their buko shake. 🙂

We were already so full with what we ordered so we never bothered to check their dessert.  But even if you don’t order dessert, Chaya will serve a complimentary green tea ice cream.

green tea ice cream
A mini scoop of green tea ice cream to conclude your Japanese food experience at Chaya!

Here is my verdict:

Price: Rice bowls start from P280.00 and with the food quality, you will not feel as if you were ripped off.

Location:  Chaya is only 5 to 7 minutes away from the Central Business District of Baguio so it is very very accessible.  The exact address is 72 Legarda Road, Baguio City.

Parking Space:  Parking space might be a problem during peak season or during holidays because their space can only accommodate up to probably 10 cars.  You can also park at your own risk by the road side which is what we did when we visited.  Don’t worry, you can transfer your car at a safer slot once the others are done dining but that would mean leaving your food to move your car. 🙂

chaya parking

Ambiance:  Chaya gives you that feel of dining at an old Baguio house so take advantage of this if you are a tourist.  The resto is very relaxed, intimate and warm.

chaya home
There are also quilts being sold at Chaya, I just did not inquire about it. The main dining area can probably comfortably accommodate 40 to 50 people and it is mostly full during lunch time. Pity that when we visited, we were seated outside because the main dining hall was already full.  You can try to call them for reservation to be sure that you will be accomodated (074-424-4726)

In sum, when you visit Baguio City, I highly recommend filling your stomach at Chaya!  Great food, great experience!

food buddies
My Food Buddies @ Chaya: (From left to right) PJ Awisan, Atty. Rubie Lorraine Bogya-Lictao, Atty. Bernard “Shoti” Angeles, me, Atty. Juliet Toma-ac Camuyot, Atty. Louella Navarro, and Atty. Immanuel Awisan.




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