Part of my blogging hobby is to rate hotels, inns and other types of accommodations and so I am starting with the first one that I tried this year – the GRAND PRIX HOTEL.  Hotels are rated with 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 stars, but what do these stars really mean?

Based on my research, this is how hotels are rated:

5-Star Rating: These are hotels that offer the highest degree of pampering.  They are luxurious hotels where elegance and style overflow.  You will find rooms with quality linens, VCR, CD stereo, jacuzzi tubs, and video on-demand.  Dining won’t be a problem because there are multiple restaurants on site with extensive gourmet menus.  Room-service is also available 24-7. A five star hotel has a fitness center, valet parking, and concierge service.

4-Star Rating: These are formal and large hotels, with top of the line customer service. These hotels are usually found beside other 4-star rated hotels and are usually very near establishments for shopping, dining, and entertainment.  You should expect rooms that are elegantly furnished.  They also house restaurants and likewise offer room service. Services such as valet parking, a fitness center, and a concierge are a given.

3-Star Rating: These are hotels that are usually very accessible to business people and are strategically located near major streets and malls. They have appealing lobbies where business people usually entertain or meet with their clients. They have in-hotel restaurants that offer offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You will also expect valet and room service, a small fitness center, and a pool.

2-Star Rating:  These are hotels for people on the go.  They are generally part of a hotel chain or franchise and they offer a uniform quality of service but with limited amenities. The rooms are just enough for sleeping, usually small or medium in size and will only have a phone and TV. There is no room service but should have a small restaurant on site.

1-Star Rating: These are family owned and operated hotels. They only provide the basic needs, such us bed and shower.  There should be restaurants nearby, should be very accessible to public transportation and should be surrounded with affordable entertainment.

Now, we traveled from Baguio City to Manila to process some documents with a plan of heading back again to Baguio City on the same day.  Considering that we arrived at around 4am at the bus terminal, we needed a place to freshen up and to take a quick nap.  The closest that we found is of course – GRAND PRIX, PASAY –

grand prix hotel pasay
Grand Prix Hotel, Located at Victory Liner Station EDSA, for. Tramo St. Pasay City. Tel No. +632 886 5159

the hotel is just within the Victory Liner, Pasay Terminal Compound.

They have small rooms at P525.00 for 3 to 5 hours.  Not bad because we are just going to wash up and rest a bit.  Unfortunately, we were told that they only have big rooms available at P1,000.00 for 3 to 5 hours with no breakfast and Superior Rooms at P1,455.00 for 12 hours including breakfast.  We opted for the Superior room since it included breakfast and we might come back for a shower before going back to Baguio City.  After booking, we were disappointed when we were told that we had to wait for 30 minutes for them to set up the room.

The good thing is, they have a waiting area where at most 6 guests could comfortably be seated while waiting for their room to be ready.

lobby grand prix
The Grand Prix Lobby, not so grand but it could comfortably accommodate up to 6 guests. That’s my wife covered in her blanket. Feeling so comfortable indeed. 🙂

After 30 minutes of waiting, we were ushered to our room…

hallway grand prix
Nope.  This is not the room.  This is the Grand Prix Hotel Hallway, it was like a maze. Without the staff, we wouldn’t be able to figure out where our room was. lol.


grand prix bed
The Grand Prix Hotel Superior Room. It was a 4 meter by 4 meter room with a single bed, 2 pillows, and a very thin blanket. If this is how their Superior room looks like, I wonder how small is their small room? hmmm.
towel grand prix
Don’t worry if you did not bring with you your toothbrush, toothpaste, or towel. They have you covered complete with condiments!  Lol. Nope, those are not catchup, coffee, or salt, but shampoo, toothpaste and soap.  They look like condiments though. 🙂

Want to be organized even for that short stay?

storage grand prix
The room has a space for your bags and your clothes when you need to hang them. It also has a flat screen TV to entertain you if you get bored. hehe. No tables or chairs are provided, so if you need to work on your laptop, you can do it on the bed.

Need to freshen up?

bathroom grand prix
Bathroom is dry and clean.   They don’t have an absorbent rug or slippers that you can use.  So after taking a bath, the bathroom will be soaked.
no water problem grand prix
No water problem in the room.  Don’t be tempted to drink this though…

Because you are given these…

mineral water grand prix
2 complimentary bottled water from Grand Prix Hotel. Yehey!

After washing up and taking a quick nap, we headed to their dining hall- the Grill Circuit Restaurant, to have our complimentary breakfast…

the resto
You need to get your breakfast stub from the front desk before heading to the breakfast bar.  If you didn’t get a room with free breakfast, you can still have it here for around P100.00 to P125.00.  Do the math, we decided to get the superior room for P1455.00 just because we wanted breakfast.  Turns out that we can have the big room for P1000.00 and still have breakfast for a cheaper rate.

What did we have for breakfast?

tapa grand prix
Tada! The Tapa Breakfast Meal! Enough for the day’s errand.

Things you need to know:

De Luxe and Superior are based on Single or Twin Occupancy;

Family and Studio Room rate are based on Single, Twin and Triple Occupancy;

Rates are inclusive of daily breakfast for Overnight Stay;

Children Ten (10) years old below are free of charge when sharing room with parents, minimum of two (2)n kids in a room.

Property Features Include (according to them):

Flat Screen TV, Individual Controlled air-conditioning unit, Hot and Cold Shower (our room didn’t have hot and cold shower though), 24 hours security system, standby genset, Fully automated fire safety system (imagine yourself asking a hotel before checking in – “Before I check in, I would like to know if your fire safety system is fully automated”) , WIFI (but unreliable).

So what’s the verdict?  This hotel is a TWO STAR HOTEL.

Cleanliness:  It was ok.  The idea that someone used the room immediately before you made me think twice, especially when they told me that they have to set it up first. But when we got to the room, it was spick and span.

Location: It actually depends on where you need to be.  We were there to process some documents at the Japanese Embassy so the hotel was really close to our intended destination.  Less than 15 minutes drive without traffic.  The hotel car brought us to the Japanese embassy for P300.00. We later on realized that we can actually hail a cab and pay lesser than that.  But we felt safe so we didn’t mind.

Price: If you are just looking for a decent room then the price is just ok.  There are other fancier hotels nearby at a higher rate but you won’t have the time scouting for these hotels especially that Grand Prix Hotel is close to the place where you need to do your errands.

Customer Service:  The staff are very friendly.

Wifi: Very slow.

So, will I be recommending this hotel?  Yes, if you are just there to wash up and be on the go.

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