How To Make A Woman Say “YES” Even If You Are Jobless

On our 9th wedding anniversary, I would like to share how I finally got my wife to say “yes”! (while I was jobless) 🙂 🙂

My wife was already established in her chosen career, while I was still in law school when we were dating.

After people learned that my wife and I were dating, many doubted my youth, many saw me being just a student, many focused on the fact that I was at the moment – “NOT EMPLOYED”. I earned some extra money by doing some freelance work like tutoring, one-on-one life coaching (ironic because I myself needed coaching that time) selling products (organic based lotion, mantika, insurance, even uling at some point, ano pa ba? Kung ano-ano binebenta ko nun because I love selling, etc.)

When I told her that I wanted to marry her, I had no stable job. Confidence lang ang meron ako nun haha (Siguro kabado din siya haha)

I was just blessed not to worry about my law school fees, allowance, and my living expenses because my mom still supported me during the time that I was studying, even when I got married already (while studying lang naman). Oh my, I had to include this detail because some thought my wife sent me to school hehe. (Grabe kayo maka-judge ha! There is nothing wrong being sent by your wife to school. But in our case, she actually didn’t. ) For sometime, I was just silent about this rumour. There, I got it off my chest! Yes! Nyahaha. Kaya kung isa ka sa nag-isip nun, buti umabot ka sa part na ito para alam mo na. Tahimik lang ako ha! Haha joke lang! Sorry, open forum ang article na ito haha)


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Okay back to the sharing…

(Turn on instrumental background music)

I was blessed that my wife did not look at the things that I did not have during that time. Instead, she focused on the things that I could become. I commend my wife for being so kind hehehe. We should be like that. Not quick to judge. Kung ihahantulad ako sa condo e, kumagat siya sa pre-selling phase. Nyahehe. Di ba? Very risky kasi malay mo ba kung matatayo talaga ung building ng pre-selling na condo? Hehe. But my wife is a Godly woman who listened to the Lord when He said “marry him while stocks last”.

Kidding aside, back to how I got her to say “yes”. I think I was able to make her say “yes” by:

1. Showing her that I have a PLAN. (With power point presentation) You don’t have to be a success right away. Success is relative anyway. You just have to show her that you can move from one step to another. Women value security and they can be scared if you don’t show them that you can feed them. Literally. So I just assured her that she won’t go hungry because I can sell anything. Like I was trained to sell a used toothbrush! Haha. Since I was jobless (as people perceived me to be), I had to find employment just to stop people from talking. After our wedding, I resigned so I could focus on my last year in law school. 🙂hehe but it was the plan naman talaga. 🙂

2. Making her feel that I am NOT INSECURE, I started by exerting effort to go out with her friends. I admit that I am not good at this because I love just being alone with my wife. But during courtship, kahit na mahiyain ako, kinaya ko haha. My wife understands me now if I don’t really go out because she knows that I am an introvert, so she lets me be (I know, you won’t believe this but it is true – I AM AN INTROVERT)



3. Making her feel that she’s the MOST IMPORTANT PERSON in my life. No one would want to marry someone and later on feel that she is not priority. In marriage, not even your kids should hinder your making each other a priority. Remember, your kids will soon have their own love life, they wouldn’t want you meddling with theirs. Trust me. Hehe. While both of you, you will vow to stay together, forever. Kaya dapat you prioritize each other. 🙂

I think that’s how I tricked her to marrying me. Hehe

You might want try the above points to make your woman say “yes” too! 🙂

Nyaks! So help me God!

Happy 9th Wedding Anniversary, to my Honey! Thank you for loving me just the way I am. 🙂 Thank you for noticing me even during my pre-selling period. Nyahahaha. I love yah! 🙂

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