Ignorance of the law excuses no one.

Be informed. Be legally healthy.


Legal Services

Having legal problems affect our mental wellbeing so it is best that you sit down with your lawyer to help you relax that stressed mind.

My goal is to partner with you in arriving at the best possible solution by helping you explore all the available legal options. I may not necessarily represent you in your legal dilemma, but as I always say – be informed to be legally healthy.

Coaching Services

As a strengths coach, I help you discover your top 5 talents so that you can start embracing them and have an engaged life.

Confusion to what you really want to do in life happens when we are not aware of our UNIQUENESS. We keep on comparing ourselves to others which results to neglecting our own gifts. Join my signature STRENGTHS AWARENESS SESSION and UNBOX YOUR TALENTS or schedule a one-on-one meaningful conversation with me.


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Join me as I help you discover your God-given strengths and purpose. Kindly click the button below to know more about the details of the event.

Our Success

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Since we opened in 2017 we’ve seen the lives changed of over 1000 students.

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If our students don’t succeed, then we haven’t done our job. Our students have a 100% University acceptance rate!

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Year on year we have consistently produced the results you are looking for for 5 consecutive years.

Still not Satisfied?

Why not set up an assessment for your child where they will interact in a real classroom environment?

We will spend a day with your child in one of our classroom, where they will get to see what a day in the life of a Stratford student is like. Get in touch with us and we can help your child fulfil their potential by enrolling at Stratford!