Who is Atty. Dex?

Dexter Diwas is a Strengths and Legal Wellness Advocate. He finds meaning in helping you discover your talents so that you can embrace what you are naturally good at and start leading an engaged life.

He is a lawyer by profession and a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach.

His Education

He is a graduate of Speech and Theater Arts from Silliman University (Dumaguete City, Philippines) and he completed his Juris Doctor at Saint Louis University (Baguio City, Philippines). To feed his passion for people development, he is currently completing a Diploma in Strategic Human Resources Management in Ateneo CORD. As a christian leader, he was a graduate of a sponsored Haggai Leader Experience from Haggai Institute, Maui, Hawaii, USA in March of 2020.

Life as a Lawyer

After passing the Bar in 2012, he ventured into private practice and specialized on employer-employee relations for two (2) years. He then joined the government as a Public Attorney where he gained further experience in Criminal and Labor Laws. As a Public Attorney, he was assigned as the resident Drugs Court lawyer of RTC 61 in Baguio City. For his lawyering profession, he is now focused on some litigation work and on delivering Legal Wellness Lectures.

Leaving government service

He loved his job as a Public Attorney but he had that strong yearning to focus on leadership and people development. He left the government after five years in service and established POINT 3750 TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT SERVICES. He now provides trainings, workshops, and coaching sessions and is an active Resource Speaker in several Government Agencies and Private Organizations.

Falling in love with Strengths Advocacy

Working with Persons with Substance Abuse Disorder, battered women, and Children in Conflict with the Law in his previous job as a Public Attorney has opened his eyes to the reality that everyone is talented. He searched for a system that could help him become credible in telling people about what they are good at and that’s when he learned about StrengthsFinder Assessment.

He then decided to become a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach. With this new found advocacy, he actively looks for opportunities where he can deliver strengths based talks. Since then, he regularly facilitated public and in-house workshops both face to face and online.