Dexter Diwas is a graduate of Speech and Theater Arts from Silliman University. He finished his Bachelor of Laws at Saint Louis University in 2011.

After passing the Bar in 2012, he ventured into private practice for two (2) years specializing on employer-employee relations. He then joined the government as a Public Attorney where he gained further experience in Criminal and Labor Laws. As a Public Attorney, he was assigned as the resident Drugs Court lawyer of RTC 61 in Baguio City.

After five years in the government service, he established DEXTER DIWAS MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY SERVICES and POINT 3750 TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT SERVICES. He is now active as a Resource Speaker in several Government Agencies and Private Organizations. He delivers motivational topics and conducts Legal Wellness Sessions and Workshops among others.

He is currently completing his Diploma in Strategic Human Resources Management and Development in Ateneo CORD as he leads the HR Department of Bright Hope Room for Growth Inc., a Kindergarten School that he and his wife, Abigail Diwas, started eight years ago.

He is also a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach delivering strengths based talks and facilitating regular public and in-house workshops in and outside the City of Baguio, Philippines.

SUSPEND JUDGMENT or maybe, let’s not judge at all? 🙂 That was a resounding life realization throughout the 4-hour workshop. 🙂
It was a diverse group this Saturday! A lawyer, a doctor, an events stylist, a sales person, an HR manager, an accountant, and an educator!
Who says you can’t put them all in one room? It was a beautiful chaos!
Every Strengths Awareness Session never fail to amaze me as I continuously learn and appreciate the POWER of everyone’s UNIQUENESS.
Embrace who you are – DISCOVER, DEVELOP, SERVE.
Join our next sessions!
Experience the power of looking within through Points of You coaching tools.
Book a Coaching Session with Dexter D. Diwas.
NAME, CLAIM, AIM your TALENTS through our Public Workshops. See you!

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