How To Know God’s Best?

I just want to share what I heard while on a long drive. How to know God’s Best? According to Pastor Peter Tan Chi’s preaching, determine if it is God’s will, God’s way, and if it is God’s timing. If the answer to all those three is “Yes”, then definitely – it is God’s best. Continue reading “How To Know God’s Best?”

Looking for a Preschool in Baguio City? Take this Bright Hope Online Inquiry

You don’t have to leave the comforts of your home to scout for a preschool. Take advantage of Bright Hope’s online inquiry.

Five Things To Consider Before Posting On Facebook

Kahit na gaano ka na na-ngangati, nag-ngingitngit, at na-ngi-nginig at gustong gusto mo nang siraan SA FACEBOOK ang umagaw sa boyfriend or girlfriend mo: DON’T.

Five Screaming Signs That Your Employee Is Not Happy And Might Resign Anytime

Spot the signs and help your organization lessen attrition rate and increase productivity

Six Effective Tips to Making “Employment Termination” Less Heartbreaking

6 Effective Tips to making “employment termination” less heartbreaking

How a “Benefit Dinner” helped and healed wounded souls.

July 18, 2015, Baguio City – The rain never stopped for almost three weeks in the City of Pines which made the Baguio people hibernate in their homes.  Despite the unbelievable downpour of water, big hearted individuals were not fazed to grace the once-a-year Benefit Dinner organized by Helping Hands, Healing Hearts Ministries Philippines Inc.Continue reading “How a “Benefit Dinner” helped and healed wounded souls.”


Everyday we encounter people who have lost their love for life. You can hear them say “I am good for nothing” or “I just don’t know what my real purpose in life is”. Haven’t you realized that it is not actually an accident that these people are venting their frustrations to us. If you areContinue reading “WHY YOU SHOULD NOT SHARE YOUR RICHES TO PEOPLE.”


Note: This article has been migrated from my other website.  I decided to transfer all the articles here before it shuts down.  Read on. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx As a public attorney, we help de-clog court dockets by conducting a pre-litigation conference, during which we play the role of a mediator and enlighten both parties of their rightsContinue reading “AMALAYER – ONE CASE OFF THE COURT DOCKETS.”