I’m foreseeing a situation where many citizens won’t be able to vote this coming 2016 elections just because they did not have their biometrics data taken.

Kaya kung gusto mong maka-boto at maging parte ng pagbabago, basahin at isapuso ang mga sumusunod na impormasyon:

Ano ba ang biotmetrics data?

Ang biometrics data ay ang mga sumusunod:


Kelangan maayos kayo tignan para mag-click ang camera. Medyo smile ng konti but don’t show too much teeth lalo na kung ang teeth niyo ay di too much. May built in camera na din sa computer ng COMELEC staff so no need to bring 2×2 or 1×1 picture.


Sa picture na ito, makikita niyo ako na linalagay ang aking digital signature. Yes, di na po ninyo kailangan ng ballpen para gawin ito.


Hindi na din messy ang pagkuha ng fingerprints dahil digital na din ito. Gone are the days na maghahanap ka pa ng papel na pamunas or bebentahan ka ng tissue or wet wipes para lang mabura ang nakakadiring tinta.

ang lahat ng ito ay kuha gamit ang voter registration machine at magiging bahagi ito ng iyong voter record registration.

Ayon sa bagong batas, Republic Act 10367, kung ang isang botante ay wala o di kumpleto ang biometrics data, siya ay madedeactivate at di makakaboto sa darating na eleksyon.

Kaya kung wala o kulang nag iyong biometrics, kailangan mong magpakuha nito sa COMELEC sa inyong lugar.

TANDAAN:  NO-BIO, NO BOTO. Maging parte ng pagbabago, tumakbo na sa COMELEC sa inyong lugar.

Hanggang OCTOBER 31, 2015 nalang po ang registration. Please share this info to your friends.


Armed Forces of the Philippines can offer a JOB OPPORTUNITY to the NEW NURSES!

Out of the 17,891 examinees, only 9,707 made the cut in the latest Nursing Board Exam given nationwide last May 2015. That would mean an additional 9,707 battling for employment as a registered nurse.


Charlyn Villa, Top 2, Nursing Board Exam, May 2015.
Charlyn Villa, Top 2, Nursing Board Exam, May 2015.

Charlyn Montebon Villa, daughter of a jeepney driver and a graduate of Riverside College in Bacolod landed second in the recently conducted nursing licensure examination. Poverty could have been an obstacle for her to reach her goal but according to her, she wanted to be a nurse so bad.

Charlyn’s success is one good example of why we need to be persistent on chasing our dreams. “We didn’t have money”, she recalled in an interview but obviously this did not deter her to accomplish what she’s so far accomplished.

It is not surprising that due to her performance in the board exam, Charlyn already have job offerings and most likely those who landed the top 10 spot will also share the same fate.



The question that I have in mind now is– will the Philippine government be able to provide jobs for the other 9,697 newly registered nurses? With the current state that we are in, the answer is obvious. We can expect these registered nurses lining up to agencies and training centers that would enable them to obtain employment abroad. We will also see an army of nurses volunteering to hospitals just to gain experience, again, as a requirement for a nursing job abroad. Of course no one should blame them for this diaspora especially if they have families to support and our very own country couldn’t provide for employment.


In one of the youth seminars that we have organized several years back, I was able to speak to a college nursing student who revealed that he was only taking up the course because he was forced to do so by his parents. He was in a state of frustration because he didn’t know where his efforts in school were leading him.  Just a month ago, I saw this guy in a police uniform. I failed to ask though if he finished nursing or shifted to another course for him to become the police officer that he is now.

In the Philippines, opportunities may be scarce for this group of professionals but I know of people who did not allow this nursing employment drought to get to them and so they became entrepreneurs, teachers, policemen, lawyers and doctors.


What prompted me to actually write this article is when I learned from a friend that there is actually a solution to this lack of employment for nurses – The Armed Forces of the Philippines NURSE CORPS.

AFP NURSE CORPS has been in existence for around 75 years now. Accordingly, this group is inspired by Melchora Aquino who, during the revolution, fed, gave medical attention to and encouraged the revolutionaries with motherly advice and prayers.

In a video I saw that was dedicated to the 75th anniversary of AFP NURSE CORPS,  BGEN Irma Almoneda NC (GSC), The Chief Nurse, AFP defined the nurse corps by saying – “ang Nurse Corps ay kaagapay sa pagtutupad ng pangkalahatang pangangalaga ng kalusugan ng mga kasundaluhan…”  My take is they won’t really go to war like the soldiers but they will be in charge of taking care of the wounded in case there is war.  In the absence of war, they are the once conducting activities that would ensure that our soldiers and their beneficiaries are maintaining good health.

Cor. Irma Almoneda NC (GSC), The Chief Nurse, AFP.
BGEN Irma Almoneda NC (GSC), The Chief Nurse, AFP.
bright hope poster

How then can a nurse join the AFP NURSE CORPS? Here are the requirements.REQUIREMENTS FOR COMMISSION-SHIP IN THE NURSE CORPS


  1. Must be a natural born Filipino citizen
  2. Must have a pleasing personality and good moral character
  3. Registered nurse with a Board rating of 80% or above. Below 80% may be admitted, but should pass a qualifying examination to be conducted by the Office of the Chief Nurse, AFP
  4. Male and female applicants must be single or never been married. For female applicants, must not be positively found to have given birth to a living stillborn child.
  5. Not more than 32 years old at the time of commission
  6. Must satisfy the following height requirements:

Female – at least 5′ 2″

Male – at least 5′ 4″

  1. Must be mentally and physically fit for military service and cleared by the appropriate security agencies.


  1. First priority shall be given to Enlisted Personnel who are registered nurses by profession with at least three (3) years of active military service and have successfully completed the Clinical Nursing Program for EP Nurses being conducted by the Office of The Chief Nurse, AFP.
  2. Second priority shall be given to other applicants who have satisfied the additional following additional requirements:

a.) With at least three (3) years of current and continuous professional experience in hospital/clinic settings and or as member of a faculty of a recognized School of Nursing.

b.) Preferably with Master in Nursing or at least nine (9) units of post graduate studies leading to Master in Nursing.

If you meet any of the above requirements, you should also prepare the following documents:

  • Resume with 2×2 Picture;
  • College Diploma;
  • Transcript of Records;
  • Certificate of Board Rating.

Submit the above documents to the Office of the Chief Nurse at the Heneral Valdez Building at Camp Emilio Aguinaldo, Quezon City for initial evaluation.

If you find this article helpful, please share it to your friends.

DISCLAIMER:  The article is written for the purpose of informing the readers that there is a Department in the AFP called AFP Nurse Corps and does not in any way guarantee vacancies in the AFP NURSE CORPS. Please contact the AFP for current vacancies.



It has been fourteen years (14) that the constitution has bestowed upon me my right to suffrage.  But even so, I am so ashamed to admit that I have not participated in any election.  This year, things will change as I realized the power of my vote.  One vote that represents change, ONE VOTE for ONE SUCCESSFUL NATION.

I would like to encourage everyone to register as a voter as early as possible.  Your voices need to be heard and your vote is the only instrument to make that happen.

Here are the 10 HAPPY STEPS to a better Philippines:


STEP 1: Pumunta sa Office of the Election Officer ng lugar kung saan pinili mong bumoto at siguraduhin na ikaw ay residente dito for at least six (6) months bago pa mag May 9, 2016.

STEP 2: Pa verify niyo ang inyong pangalan at mag-fill out ng form sa tabi, in this case e sa tabi tabi talaga. Sana lang magkaroon ng maganda at komportableng espasyo kung saan ginagawa ito. Kung sabagay, past is past, kaya tayo magreregister para mapili natin ang mga bagong lider na mag-i-improve ng mga kalakarang ganito.

STEP 3: Matapos ma-fill out ng form ay i-submit kay madam para ma-encode niya ito.

STEP 4: Mag relax, stomach in para ma-picturan kayo. Huwag mag-request ng whole body picture dahil mukha mo lang ang kukunan. Ang maganda dito e makaka-smile ka pa, di tulad sa NBI na pag-upo mo palang e di mo naramdaman na nakunan ka na pala kaya kahit na ngarag ka sa picture ay wala kang magagawa.

STEP 5: Pumirma digitally.

STEP 6: Biometrics. Left and Right thumb and index finger lang. Hindi po kasali ang talampakan.

STEP 7: I-se-save na ni Madam ang file mo, be sure to check na na-save nga kasi baka di ka maka-boto sa susunod na botohan dahil lang hindi na-hit ang SAVE!

STEP 8: Lumabas na sa opisina matapos makuha ang acknowledgement receipt na ito. Bumalik nalang daw after 3 to 5 years for your ID, malamang by that time e may mga anak ka na kung wala ka pang anak ngayon, nakapagtapos ka na sa pag-aaral kung estudyante ka pa, nakatuluyan mo na ang iyong bf or gf, nakapag-abroad ka na, or kung ano pang pangyayari sa buhay mo. Pero isa lang ang sigurado, magkakaroon ka na ng voter’s ID 3 to 5 years from now. Di ba? Medyo mahirap kasi ang raw material ng Voter’s ID kasi kakaiba ito, minimina pa ito sa kai-laliman ng lupa.

STEP 9: Gumilid ng konti from the office at magpa-picture hawak ang acknowledgement receipt. Make sure to find the best angle of your face.

STEP 10-A: Umupo ng konti at bumwelo.

STEP 10-B: Lumundag sa tuwa at magpakuha ng jump shot dahil registered voter ka na!

Now that you have completed the 10 happy steps to become a registered voter, you can now start choosing your 2016 president.  Would it be GRACE POE, MAR ROXAS or DUTERTE?

Ikaw, sinong presidente mo?  Well, pa-register ka muna bago ka mag-react! 🙂  Happy registration to everyone!!



tarp for kennon 4 x 16

These requirements are contained in Section 9 of Republic Act No. 8189, and reiterated by the Commission in Section 9 of COMELEC Resolution No. 9853.


For you to be qualified for registration, apart from good looks because that is already given, you must possess all of the following requirements:

  1. A Filipino citizen, who is not yet a registered voter;
  2. At least eighteen (18) years of age;
  3. A resident of the Philippines for at least one (1) year;
  4. A resident in the place wherein he (or she) proposes to vote for at least six (6) months immediately preceding the May 9, 2016 Synchronized National, Local and ARMM Regional Elections; and
  5. Not otherwise disqualified by law.

Please bear in mind that those who will be turning 18 on or before 09 May 2016, or whose required period of residence will be satisfied on or before said election date, may start filing their applications for registration starting 09 May 2015 only.

If you want to check the exact wording of this provision please refer to Section 9 of COMELEC Resolution No. 9853.


In addition to the first four (4) requirements as enumerated above, you must also not possess any of the following disqualifications:

  1. Any person who has been sentenced by final judgment to suffer imprisonment for not less than one (1) year, such disability not having been removed by plenary pardon or amnesty;
  2. Any person who has been adjudged by final judgment by a competent court or tribunal of having committed any crime involving disloyalty to the duly-constituted government, such as, rebellion, insurrection, violation of the firearms laws, or any crime against national security unless restored to his/her full civil and political rights in accordance with law; and
  3. Insane or incompetent person as declared by competent authority unless subsequently declared by proper authority that such person is no longer insane or incompetent.


A person has to establish his/her identity when he (or she) personally appears to file his/her application for registration before the Office of the Election Officer (OEO). The following identification documents are the valid IDs accepted:

  1. Employee’s identification card (ID), with the signature of the employer or authorized representative;
  2. Postal ID ;
  3. PWD Discount ID;
  4. Student’s ID or library card, signed by the school authority;
  5. Senior Citizen’s ID;
  6. Driver’s license;
  7. NBI clearance;
  8. Passport;
  10. Integrated Bar of the Philippine (IBP) ID;
  11. License issued by the Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC);
  12. Certificate of Confirmation issued by the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) in case of members of ICCs or IPs; and
  13. Any other valid ID.

In the absence of any of the above-mentioned identification documents, the applicant may be identified under oath by any registered voter of the precinct where he (or she) intends to be registered, or by any of his/her relatives within the fourth civil degree of consanguinity or affinity. No registered voter or relative shall be allowed to identify more than three (3) applicants.

Community Tax Certificates (cedula) and PNP clearance shall not be honored as valid identification documents for purposes of registration.

If the applicant fails to establish his/her identity by any of the aforementioned methods/documents, he/she shall not be issued an application form, nor shall his/her pre-accomplished application form be accepted.



Recently, two people died in Manila from allegedly drinking contaminated milk tea drink. News spread like wildfire and people were alarmed because once in their life, well, they had a sip of that popular drink.

Image courtesy of
Image courtesy of

DOH released its findings and found no toxic substance from the milk tea sample which they gathered from the milk tea establishment.  What could have gone wrong?  Well, let us just wait for further news on this. In the meantime, here are some of the netizens thoughts on the issue:


conspiracy theory
I think the investigators should find this person. Baka mas mapadali ang imbestigasyon.


idea to kill drug addicts milk tea
Pwedeng pamuksa sa mga addict ang substance na nalagay sa milk tea. At least di lang sila maha-high, heaven na agad ang bagsak nila. Kung doon nga. hehe

3.  MAS MABUTING MAG-LASING KESA MAG MILK TEA? lasenggo milk tea 4. BAN MILK TEA? BAKET? ban milk tea? di niya business 5. MILK TEA + MILK TEA = FORMALIN?

mr google comment research milk tea
Itanong niyo nalang kay kuya kim!

6.  PAINUMIN NG MILK TEA ANG MGA BINAY? bigyan milk tea si nancy binay milk tea inom 7.  KASALANAN NI PNOY?

Pic courtesy of -
Pic courtesy of –

kasalanan ni PNOY ang milk tea
Ang lalim ng hugot ha. Pati ba naman load mo ate kasalanan ni PNOY? wahehe

Anyways, here are my life realizations on this matter:

1)  Sales on Milk Tea drink will be at its lowest.  Kahit mag buy one take one pa siguro sila. Unless may buy one take one din na ataul? (So morbid)

2) Pag may kaaway ka at inabutan ka ng Milk Tea.  Alam mo na.

3)  Huwag paghaluhin ang Milk at Tea.  Nakakamatay.

4)  If it does not smell good.  Don’t dare drink it. Kahit amoy ariel pa yan dahil 7.50 nalang ang ariel baka yan ang ginamit na sangkap.

5) Pag bumula ang bibig, malamang uminom ng Milk Tea, nagmumug ng ariel, or marami lang talagang excess na laway.

Kidding aside, paalala lang po na mag-ingat sa pag-bili ng pagkain sa kung saan saan para maiwasan ang accidente or food poisoning.  Have a great day!

That BAGUIO CITY WEDDING you've been dreaming about?  IT'S REAL! VISIT SOULSCENT FLORAL ARTISTRY and make it happen. NOW!
That BAGUIO CITY WEDDING you’ve been dreaming about? IT’S REAL! VISIT SOULSCENT FLORAL ARTISTRY and make it happen. NOW!


Since I do not belong to the alta sociedad, I am not really familiar with Balesin Island Club. I only heard about it when Chiz Escudero and Heart Evangelista got married and I was not invited.

I love travelling and sleeping in luxurious hotels (when sponsored) but I will have to be frank that I would probably have to spend my life savings before I could possibly visit this exclusive club. (I didn’t check the rates yet actually, but who knows? Baka afford ko pala, change topic please.)

After reading the latest scoop involving the famous island, my longing to spend time in that resort died down (as if). According to the earlier write ups, they have this meal that they call “yaya meal” in Balesin, so I got curious and did my own web investigation on this brewing-to-be-national-issue. My inquiry on the matter led me to Maggie Wilson-Consunji’s facebook account: maggie wilson Here are her posts that started it all:

what started it.
Parang ayokong tumabi kay Connor. Baka pagkamalan akong driver niya and they’ll probably shove the driver’s meal to my throat. Here in Baguio City, when you visit OMAIKAN RESTAURANT (This is free advertisement by the way), they have what you call CONQUEROR’S MEAL, dito nalang kayo kumain Maggie, with your yaya.

After her posts, as usual, comments flooded her page, she later on posted this clarification:

maggie cleared the issue
Oh, si nanay naman pala ang may gusto ng yaya’s meal. Kahit naman siguro kung ako si nanay e pag nakita ko na mas mura yung yaya’s meal e yun din ang oorderin ko. Pero I’m sure baka masarap kasi yung meal na yun kaya same order din si nanay. Pero ang good thing here is hindi binigay yung yaya’s meal sa nanay ni Maggie, kasi kapag nalaman niya in the long run na strictly pang yaya pala yun tapos binigay sa kanya ng walang tanong tanong e baka mas magkaroon pa ng malaking issue. Anyways, kidding aside, you are right Maggie. Very wrong to have named the meal Yaya’s meal. Why not call it “budget meal” instead? Haay, Alta Sociedad these days.

Ano nga ba ang itsura ng scandalous yaya meal na yan?  Here is a pic:

Oh, ano naman pala siya. Hmmm, medyo di ako naka-react sa kung ano siya. Pork or chicken adobo daw according to (Pic courtesy of

Medyo nagising ang aking ulirat sa mga pangyayaring ito.  If in Balesin, their chicken and pork adobo is called “yaya meal”.  Here are some of my precious life realizations:

1)  Since my breakfast is most of the time hotdogs and eggs or just plain bread, I am probably eating a “TAONG GRASA MEAL”.  Ganun ba ang gustong ipahiwatig ng pangyayaring ito?

2)  If by any chance, I become a member of Balesin Island Club, I would immediately be banned dahil I will be ordering yaya meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner or probably not because they won’t notice.

3)  My friends would probably hate me if i treat them to Balesin and say “waiter, pa-order nga ng limang yaya meals for me and my friends please, with extra rice”.

4)  A lot of Filipinos will die to have a yaya meal at least once a week.

5)  Para sa mga alta sociedad, bilog ang mundo, darating ang panahon na luluhod ang mga tala at kakain din kayo ng YAYA MEALS na yan, bwahahaha!

6)  Sa tingin ko lang, dapat ang pagiging alta ay through and through. I mean if you go visit Balesin, I hope you order the same food for your helpers.  Otherwise, baka naman di niyo talaga afford ang pagiging alta.

To end this, I am proud to say that tonight, my wife cooked me a yaya meal.  It was good.  It was really good and I will probably eat yaya meal again tomorrow.

I’m sure ikaw din, baka yaya meal din kinain mo kanina. hehe.


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Because it was a loooong day at work.  I was looking forward to reaching home to chat with my wife, play with our baby and sip a cup of chocolate drink while reading some interesting news on the web.

You wouldn’t believe what I found.  Ina Raymundo’s “kili-kili” went trending.  Just like the tweet below, I don’t know if I will be happy with it or should feel depressed because of the kind of news that we have.

current events

I always want to learn lessons from what I read so I decided to investigate on what caused this life changing news.

So this…

kili kili comment - dahilan 5
Ina Raymundo posted a picture of her with armpit exposure and these two netizens gave it an unsolicited rating. Di naman ata sumali sa talent show ang kanyang kili-kili para i-judge ito. hehe.

Since Ina Raymundo obviously still has fans, they all came to her rescue which generated these comments where I lifted 9 life realizations:

1) Hindi nakikita sa kili-kili ang busilak na kalooban.

kilikiling basehan ng pagkatao, kalooban- 4
Kung hindi sa kili-kili, pwede kayang makita ito sa gilagid?

2.  Walang paki-alaman ng kili-kili.

totoong tao kili kili
Mind your own business. Kung hindi mo kili-kili, dapat hindi mo ito pinipintasan. Ang ibig sabihin ng fan na ito, maitim man daw o hindi, no matter what e idol parin niya si Ina. Pang loyalty award din siya.

3.  Ang kili-kiling bigay ni Lord.

kili kiling bigay ni lord 1

4.  Kung morena ka at maputi ang kili-kili mo, malamang an-an yan.

an an na kili kili
Oo nga naman, medyo ok mag-analyze ito. So ang mga morena, normal lang na maitim ang kili-kili. Otherwise, an-an na yan. Yung isa naman kung maka-advertise ng ariel. Pero oo nga, 7.50 na ang ariel ngayon. That is also worth the news.

5.  Aanhin mo ang mapuputing kili-kili kung wala ka namang makain.

walang makain 2
Kung well travelled si Ina Raymundo, malamang pati ang kanyang kili-kili ay well travelled din. Kaya?

6.  Huwag punahin ang kili-kili ng iba, nakamamatay.

buhay pa kaya? kili kili 3
Masyadong violente mag-isip ito. Patayan agad? Pwede bang pag-usapan muna kung ano ang gagawin sa kili kili na yan?

7.  May koneksyon ang kulay ng iyong kili-kili sa iyong pagbubuntis.

pagbubuntis kili kili final
So ibig ba sabihin, kung wala kang pambili ng pregnancy test kit, e tignan mo nalang kung nangingitim ang kili-kili ng asawa mo? Kung nangingitim na ito – POSITIVE!

8.  Pwedeng kumita sa maiitim na kili-kili.

pampaputi business
Bilib ako sa taong ito. Very entrepreneurial. Ito ang isa sa mga taong magiging milyonaryo kung ang mundo ay dumilim dahil sa maiitim na kili-kili.

9.  Malaki ang posibilidad na binayaran ni PNOY si Ina Raymundo para i-divert ang issue mula sa Mamasapano.

pinoy s fault

Ayan po, I hope that you learned from the above realizations.  If you want to add more, leave a comment.

This article is an offshoot of my stressful day.  Have a blast!


This photo is grabbed from the web.
This photo is grabbed from the web.

After reading the headlines regarding a school that allegedly stopped a salutatorian from reading her speech, I immediately reacted against the school. Without giving it second thought, I judged the school and felt for the student.

To satisfy my curiosity, I read Kristel Mallari’s speech and found myself empathizing with the school. Since this has become a national interest, some of my colleagues and I expressed our two cents on the issue, which led us to watch the video. In the video, you will see several people trying to stop the student from continuing her speech. I could not deny that I felt bad for the student because the school administrators appeared as if they were ganging up on a helpless child. If only the school allowed her to finish her speech, then it could have not been sensationalized as it is now. Some of the comments from the social media say that it needed to happen to shed light to the anomalies that schools often do in computing the grades of honor students. On the other hand, some of the netizens think that Kristel chose the wrong venue to vent her frustrations.

Here are my thoughts regarding the matter and I am looking at it from different points of view (as a lawyer, as a citizen, as a parent, and as a school owner) and after reading the speech and watching the video:

1) A graduation speech is meant to encourage and inspire and I think it is not the proper venue to vent that kind of complaint. For argument purposes, if there are anomalies and the same was not addressed at school level, the next step is to elevate it to the Department of Education for them to properly handle the matter. Although, just like what the other netizens expressed, justice might not be achieved even if the same was elevated to the Department of Education. But still, Kristel cannot take the law into her hands.

2) The school made a wrong move in stopping Kristel from continuing to deliver her speech. They should have just allowed her to finish and dealt with the matter after the ceremonies. Their action in preventing her from delivering her speech might confuse Kristel all the more and might even add to her scars. Their concerted efforts to stop Kristel made them look like fools and helped Kristel gain the public’s side.


  • Should Kristel decide to file a complaint, the school’s administrators might be held liable for child abuse if it can be proven that their actions in preventing Kristel from reading her speech affected her psychological well being;
  • The school may, on the other hand, sue for damages if they think that Kristel’s actions marred its reputation.


Rigie: Are there certain privileges that the Valedictorian will get and the Salutatorian will not? Or did the people involved just exaggerate the honor that was “rightfully” hers, and that she should “fight” for? The whole point of studying is to learn. If the school doesn’t recognize her efforts, then so what? Did she do it to get recognized by the school? Or did she do it for herself? to learn? and to have a bright future? The point here is that graduating high school with honors is cool and all, but it’s not what’s most important. The kid might be smart and all, but what she did just shows arrogance. 

LiterateLush: The difference between a Valedictiorian and a Salutatorian is that the former precedes the latter. The difference is that you came first among the rest, and not second. This makes a difference when you put it on your CV to apply for a university or a job. This makes a big difference when you made 1001% effort to reach that goal and then fall short. 

Yes, we go to school to study, but people that go up the ranks to become honor students go beyond what is required. They make studying a habit. They make huge leaps to ensure they go beyond passing. 

 It’s like going to work. It’s like doing your job. The purpose is so you can earn a living. If that were the case then why are there people who strive to become more in the work place? Why are there people who work to become managers, trainers and innovators? 

I did not see anything wrong with her speech. There was nothing arrogant about it. She was just saying she tried to make it to the top but she lost. She made a reference to cheating and not fighting fairly, but she did not point fingers or name names. If the school just kept their cool and let her finish, then this whole thing wouldn’t have exploded like it did. Regardless of the fact that the speech was not pre-approved, they should have just let her continue then have a talk with her after the ceremony. 

Having read the background story on this video, it only shows the school administrators in bad light. They acted as any guilty person would, and that is to stop the other person from finishing what they had to say. They were the more mature and more educated persons in this situation. They should have known better. 

 NOTE: The above comments were lifted in toto from

In conclusion, I would like to add that there are always two sides of the coin and it is too early to tell as to who shall  be faulted in this scandal.  To Kristel Millari, I congratulate you for finishing the race.  The Valedictory award may or may not be for you but one thing is for sure, you have survived high school with flying colors.  Off to college you go! 🙂  To the school, learn from this experience, you have to let your salutatorians finish their speech whether the same praises or castigates you.  To Deped,  better conduct your investigation in the soonest possible time so we can move on to the next issue. Lastly, to the valedictorian, I pity you for you have been in a way discredited but take this as a challenge to prove that you really deserved it.

Magandang buhay sa lahat!

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