On the 25th of December 2015, I received an e-mail from The Overseas Human Resources and Industry Development Association (HIDA) of Japan inviting me to join nine other Experts to experience a place called Gifu.  Gifu Prefecture is located in Central Honshu, Japan's main island and has played an important role in Japan's history because of... Continue Reading →


To secure your child’s BRIGHT future, RESERVE a slot for school year 2019-2020 as early as now @ Bright Hope Room for Growth Inc. For inquiries, visit 2nd floor, Luke Foundation Building, 90 Leonard Wood Road, Baguio City or call 074-424-2647.

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Bright Hope Room for Growth, Inc., is NOW OPEN FOR RESERVATIONS for SCHOOL YEAR 2016-2017.  We promote an intimate and nurturing learning environment through the following programs: Baby, Toddler, Nursery, Pre-Kinder and Kindergarten in SMALL CLASS SIZES.

bright hope career week Brightons during their Career Week. School Year 2015-2016 @ Bright Hope Room for Growth, Inc.

Bright Hope Room for Growth, Inc., pioneer class at Luke Foundation Inc., Building. (2014-2015) Bright Hope Room for Growth, Inc., pioneer class at Luke Foundation Inc., Building. (2014-2015)

1) Pupils receive more individualized attention and interact more with the teacher;

KINDERGARTEN 2 With limited slots per class, your child will receive the much needed one-on-one attention from their teacher.

TODDLER CLASS Our Nursery Brightons engrossed in making the world a brighter place through colors! @ Bright Hope Room for Growth, Inc., School Year 2015-2016.

2) Teachers have more flexibility to use different instructional approaches;

hand painting Brightons will realize that the world is within reach for them to explore! Only @ Bright Hope Room for Growth, Inc., –…

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ARCA’S YARD: A fusion of early tradition and modernization.

My wife and I were looking for a place for dessert and a cozy spot where we can sit, relax, and plan for our year 2016.  Since it is the 24th of December and knowing that there is an impending heavy traffic, we decided to drive outside the Central Business District of Baguio City and... Continue Reading →

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