Strengths Coaching Services

Monday5:30PM to 7:30PM
Wednesday5:30PM to 7:30PM
Friday5:30PM to 7:30PM
Saturday8:00AM to 12:00PM

Atty. Dex is available during the days stated above. Please note that Saturdays are for group sessions.


One-on-One Strengths Awareness Session

As a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, I designed a one-on-one strengths awareness session that will help you unleash your talents with the use of StrengthsFinder Assessment.

Book a session with me and let’s start a journey to your own UNIQUENESS.

UNBOX YOUR TALENTS: A Group Strengths Awareness Session

I am always asked: “Don’t you grow tired conducting monthly public workshops?”

I never grow tired facilitating UNBOX YOUR TALENTS, monthly. This is my signature Strengths Awareness Session that helped a lot of professionals, homemakers, and leaders embrace their natural talents.

I’ve experienced not being aware of the things that I am good at and I know that I have wasted a lot of time because of that.

We only live once, and it is best that we live it intentionally.

Join our next public Strengths Awareness Session! Click this link to know more and register. Or book for an in house workshop.

Strengths Awareness Session for Engaged and Married Couples

If you engage my services as a lawyer to help you file a petition for annulment, the fees are not as affordable as going through the process of getting to know your soon to be spouse or your spouse.

Schedule a Strengths Awareness Session for Engaged and Married Couples and enjoy the blessing of understanding where your partner is coming from.

You’ll enjoy every revealing minute of this fun and unique getting-to-know process with the use of StrengthsFinder Assessment.


Had a recent one on one talk with Atty. Dex Diwas this November after taking the StrengthsFinder Assessment. Right at the start of the session, I knew that I was in for a very productive time as Atty. Dex expounded on the matter at hand.

The session was well-organized with Atty. Dex in his usual highly-energized self. I went through each topic in high spirits knowing fully well that there is no one who would benefit the most except me.

After the session, I felt great knowing that my talents would definitely become my strengths and with my strengths, I could become the best version of myself, fully equipped to bring glory and honor to God in all the work that He has called me to do.

Thank you Atty. Dex for that great session. Looking forward to another talk with you soon. And to all, who like me, are looking to understand more about your talents and how it can become your strength, I highly encourage you to attend his ‘UNBOX YOUR TALENTS” sessions.

Natts Cariño, AXA Unit Manager

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