“Discover Your God-Given Strengths” is a 45-minute Live and Free On-line Motivational Presentation delivered by Coach Dexter Diwas to organizations, schools, and churches around the world.

This is designed as an INTRO to a motivational workshop called “Unbox Your Talents: A Strengths Awareness Session”.

What is the objective of this presentation?

To help participants:

  1. Understand the “WHY” of discovering our strengths;
  2. Become aware of the 3 Levels of Engagement;
  3. Know the benefits of taking the Clifton-Strengths Finder Assessment;
  4. Define Talent, Strength, and Weakness;
  5. Learn how to build a fully developed strength.

Interested? Message us to inquire and arrange a schedule.

*To make a request, organizers must have at least 10 participants.

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