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We always hear this phrase in its medical sense. In the legal world, curing means paying hefty amount for lawyers’ fees, going to court, bargaining for settlements, paying damages etc. because violations have already been done.

How do we prevent going through this kind of stressful process?

Make sure that you are legally well.

If we talk about physical health, we take food and vitamins that will bring the right amount of nourishment to our body so we will not end up being hospitalized. If we talk about your legal health, this means looking for legal advice from the right source even before we incur legal problems – that’s the legal vitamin. That’s how we maintain our legal wellness

Corporate Wellness

As a legal wellness advocate, we don’t just help you register your corporation, we have other services that will make sure that you have a healthy corporate existence. From taking care of your people to complying with government requirements, we got you covered.

For existing companies, we offer needs based services, from as simple as preparation of board resolutions, secretary’s certificates, and guiding you through government compliance up to a full retainership agreement. We give you options, you make a choice.

Book a schedule with us and let us explore how we can help your organization become legally healthy.

Criminal Law

Being threatened with a criminal case can affect your mental wellbeing. Not knowing the legal process whether you are for the prosecution or defense can also cause sleepless nights.

In times like this, you will need a lawyer who will at least tell you what to expect so that you can have a good nights rest.There are instances where we may not necessarily represent you in court but we could help you understand the process by walking you through the process.

Book a schedule with us and let us explore how we can help you achieve mental serenity through our legal wellness consultation.

Labor Law

I have seen how the law usually side with labor. I have witnessed start-ups lose their hard earned money just because they were not aware of the basic procedure to say bye bye to a non-performing employee.

I am an entrepreneur and I know how it feels to start from nothing. I don’t want you to go through that ordeal of losing your everything just because you were not aware of legal processes.

Either you engage a lawyer as a retained HR Legal Partner or you run the risk of closing shop because of wrong decisions.

Book a schedule with us and let us explore how we can become your HR Legal Partner.


Sometimes we don’t enter into a written contract because it is not convenient at the moment. Or we think that – “I trust this person anyway, I don’t think there is going to be a problem in the future”.

But that ‘s when the legal problems start really.

As a preventive law practitioner, we encourage you to have your contracts drafted by your lawyer. Sure, there are templates online, but have them reviewed by a lawyer who will explain to you the possible repercussions.

Book a schedule with us and let us draft those contracts. Have drafted contracts already? Let’s review them and explore risks that could arise in the future.

Legal Advice

If you go to a doctor, you pay for their medical advice. If you go to a lawyer, yes, you should also pay for their legal advice.

Obtaining legal advice prior to any action that you will do that might have legal implication is always best. It is more economical and it gives you that sense of security.

Is there anything that we could help you bring legal clarity on?

Book a schedule with us and let us untangle that confused mind.

Love Life Laws

We don’t want you breaking up with your spouses but if you are at that stage of wanting to understand your legal options, we are here to listen.

If you are a Filipino who obtained divorce abroad, we can also discuss your marital status in the Philippines.

Book a schedule with us and let’s help you understand the difference between legal separation, annulment, petition for declaration of nullity of marriage, and recognition of foreign divorce decree in the Philippines.

Legal Wellness Lectures / Workshops


Because of our very trusting culture, I never thought of having a written contract in my previous business transactions. I was afraid that my business partner might think that I don’t trust him. And that was actually the biggest mistake I have done in my latest business dealings which led me to lose a lot of my savings. With Atty. Dex’ help, I can now sleep soundly because all my contracts are in place.

– Legally Healthy Client

Let us help you.