OH YES! We Have A Baby School In Baguio!

Cassy previously enrolled in our Jolly Baby Class Program and is now one of our Toddler pupils.

My wife and I started BRIGHT HOPE ROOM FOR GROWTH INC., six (6) years ago.  A venture that we started out of passion and purpose. It was a tutorial center then in Barangay San Vicente, Baguio City where we had grade school to high school tutees and even had the opportunity to teach non-readers from the nearby public school out of the goodness of our friends who shouldered their tutorial fees.

Since tutorial centers are mostly only full in the afternoon, we had to look for ways to fill the hours that our center was not being used.  One day, when I was walking along the street in our barangay, I saw a lot of mothers holding babies from ages 1 to 2 years old, so I started to have an idea.  I did my own research as to how early a child can go to school and came to a conclusion that “the earlier, the better”.

So in the first quarter of 2012, I gathered my neighbors and some of my school batch mates and convinced them to enroll their 2-year old babies in our toddler program.  Most of them were hesitant and said that it was too early for a child of that age to be in school but they registered anyway and from then on, we all saw wonders every single day.

On October 24, 2013, an article from the Philippine Daily Inquirer further confirmed the relevance of starting early and I quote:

“The average 18-month-old can say about 10 to 30 words, but some normal 18-month-olds can say only five words. Sometimes I see a toddler of the same age who can say more than 70 words and can put these words in combination to form phrases or sentences. Kate, Trevor, Ryan and Cameron, all my patients, were already talking like a three-year-old when they were 18 months old. Trevor, at 15 months, was able to say more than 40 words when most of his peers could say only three to five words. Our son Len, at 24 months, was able to read the words “Toyota” and “Subaru.”

What do all of these children have in common? They were lucky to have parents and grandparents who started talking with them from the first day of life. They read to them early on and continued reading every night as part of their bedtime routine. These toddlers were fortunate to have parents who challenged and stimulated their brain cells during the first 12 months of their life by frequently talking, reading, counting, adding, singing, and playing in a happy way.

Unfortunately, most parents have the wrong idea that education starts at Grade K. To have happier and smarter children, education must begin during the first 36 months. This is the “golden window” of opportunity for parents, grandparents, daycare workers, babysitters, and nannies to make a huge difference. And for a dramatic educational outcome, educators and policymakers should look into this “golden window” of learning and apply recent cognitive research on how to boost babies’ language and brain development in their curriculum.”

As stated in the article, babies are blessed to have people around them who can challenge and stimulate their brain cells while they are developing.  Let us not neglect this stage and take this once in a lifetime opportunity to raise geniuses out of our babies. So parents, your babies can go to school too!  It is just a matter of carefully looking for the best program that would suit their needs and their personality. 

At Bright Hope Room for Growth Inc., we are offering JOLLY BABY CLASS, a program where babies ages 1 year and 8 months up to 2 years old are exposed to sensory, arts and crafts, fine and gross motor activities. They get to meet new friends too!

To find out our available schedule, do call the following numbers:

Admin Office: (074) 424-2647
Admin Head: 0917-145-2381
Principal: 0917-656-2007

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How To Know God’s Best?

I just want to share what I heard while on a long drive.

How to know God’s Best?

According to Pastor Peter Tan Chi’s preaching, determine if it is God’s will, God’s way, and if it is God’s timing. If the answer to all those three is “Yes”, then definitely – it is God’s best. 

Have a great day everyone! 

Looking for a Preschool in Baguio City? Take this Bright Hope Online Inquiry

Are you still scouting for a preschool for this coming school year?

Here are 5 reasons why BRIGHT HOPE ROOM FOR GROWTH INC., is the best choice for your child’s early learning needs:


Each class for Toddler, Nursery, Pre-Kinder and Kindergarten Programs will consist of twelve (12) pupils maximum.

small class size
Bright Hope Room for Growth Inc., is a premier Preschool and Kindergarten School in Baguio City located at the 2nd and 3rd floor of Luke Foundation Bldg., Leonard Wood Road, Baguio City.


Bright Hope team understands that children need to feel loved and safe wherever they are.  Bright Hope does not tolerate child abuse.

bright hope teacher
Here at Bright Hope, we promote activities that help a child to become a well rounded person.


Bright Hope programs are carefully designed and chosen to achieve a world class standard.


Bright Hope was founded on a belief that learning should be fun.  At Bright Hope, we make sure that all activities are age appropriate.

developmentally app


Bright Hope is a bible believing school and so most of the books used have bible integration.


We have a very convenient monthly payment scheme that will help you budget and pay your child’s school fees with ease.

Want to know more?

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Five Things To Consider Before Posting On Facebook

Posting on social media may seem harmless but not until Republic Act No. 10175 or the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012.  The said Republic Act provided the penalty for Cyber Libel.

Cybel libel is libel committed through a computer system and this includes posts on facebook.

Ano nga ba muna ang libel?

Under Article 353 of the Revised Penal Code of the Philippines, libel is defined as a public and malicious imputation of a crime, or of a vice or defect, real or imaginary, or any act, omission, condition, status or circumstance tending to discredit or cause the dishonor or contempt of a natural or juridical person, or to blacken the memory of one who is dead. Thus, the elements of libel are: (a) imputation of a discreditable act or condition to another; (b) publication of the imputation; (c) identity of the person defamed; and, (d) existence of malice.

In short, cyber libel is paninirang puri done on line at mas mabigat ang penalty as compared to ordinary libel.

So what is the penalty?

Kapag ginawa mo ito, you shall be punished with prision correccional (6 months and 1 day to 6 years) in its maximum period to prision mayor (6 years and 1 day to 12 years) in its minimum period or a fine ranging from Six Thousand Pesos (P6,000.00) up to the maximum amount determined by Court, or both, in addition to the civil action which may be brought by the offended party.

Angry Man (9)
Kaya kahit na gaano ka na na-ngangati, nag-ngingitngit, at na-ngi-nginig at gustong gusto mo nang siraan SA FACEBOOK ang umagaw sa boyfriend or girlfriend mo: DON’T.

A lot of teenagers are not informed kung gaano kabigat ang consequences ng irresponsible social media use and many schools recognize this concern. Kaya naman I was thankful when I got the chance to be invited as a resource speaker to talk about Cybebullying and Netiquette before the 800plus Senior High School and College students of PASS College in Alaminos, Pangasinan during their orientation.

PHILIPPINE ACCOUNTANCY AND SCIENCE SCHOOL or more popularly known as PASS COLLEGE is located in Alaminos, Pangasinan. The school offers BS in Elementary Education, BS in Hospitality Management, BS in Business Administration, BS in Computer Science, BS in Tourism and Hotel Management, and associate courses such as Associate in Bookkeeping and Associate in Computer Technology. They also offer Bartending (NCII), Commercial Cooking (NCII), Food and Beverage Services (NCII), Front Office Services (NCII), Tour Guiding (NCII) and Healthcare Services (NCII).

In preparation for the talk, I found a graph that shows that we Filipinos spend an average of 4:17 hours every single day on social media. You read me right – 4 HOURS AND 17 MINUTES. That is a lot of time wasted if we use social media irresponsibly! Very alarming. (Please refer to the graph below)

time spent on sm

This explains the reason why most of the cyber libel cases that I handled were committed on facebook, the most popular social media platform of our time. Nowadays, Facebook has been the easiest avenue for venting.  Airing our frustrations in life through facebook may seem so innocent but can, most of the time, be messy.

To avoid being a victim of cyberbullying or to make sure  that you don’t cyberbully or commit cyberlibel as defined under Republic Act 10175 also known as the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012, you can follow this one simple tip that I borrowed and shared during the talk:

Take a deep breath, isip isip muna kung ipo-post mo ba talaga yang na-type mo habang ikaw ay galit at punong puno ng hinanakit.

THINK stands for:

think before 3
  1. T – is it TRUE?

Make sure that all your posts are TRUE.  And let me just warn you that even if they are, not everything that is true deserves posting on social media. In a Supreme Court decision, the latter said:

“It must be remembered that every defamatory imputation is presumed to be malicious, EVEN IF IT BE TRUE, if no good intention and justifiable motive for making it is shown.” (emphasis provided)

It is true that…

telling the truth
But there is a right time and a right place for telling the truth and in your situation, social media may not just be one of them. 🙂

Oo nga, totoong kabit siya! Pero huwag mo idaan sa social media, gather evidence para makasuhan mo siya kung ang kinakabit niya ay ang asawa mo. 🙂 Pero kung pinost mo ito sa facebook nang hindi nagdadalawang isip, baka magkabaliktad pa ang mundo at makasuhan ka din. Kaya huwag magpost ng kung anong hugot ate at kuya, huwag.

2.  H – is it Helpful?

Will your post help? We cannot deny that social media aides in fast dissemination of information.  We learn about the death of relatives, the fact na walang pasok dahil bumabagyo,  na walang maka-daan sa Kennon Road dahil landslide, na may 3-day sale sa SM, at iba pang information na talaga namang nakakatulong para mapadali ang ating buhay.  Through facebook, we are also reminded of the birthdays of loved ones and are even encouraged to greet them.

facebook reminder
Facebook has made it easier for everyone to remember birthdays! Huwag mong sisihin ang hindi nag-greet sa iyo, malamang bawal siya mag-internet sa trabaho at wala siyang internet connection sa bahay, or di siya maka-connect sa alin mang wifi, o di naman kaya ay namumulubi na at walang data, they also need your help.

In those examples, posts are of big help.  Through social media, helping can just be a click away, we don’t have to be physically present to help inform someone.  Imagine kung iisa-isahin mo ang mga kamag-anak mo para sabihin na may bago kang bentang sabon na makakapagpabago ng buhay nila, stressful diba?

And if what you have is internet connection and a lot of time on facebook, use that time wisely.

Social media, more particularly facebook, also help bloggers reach their potential readers and it is us netizens that decide whether to share them.  We can opt to share articles that sow good vibes or spread negative ones.


Kaya remember, post to help.


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3.  I – is it inspiring?

A lot of us get encouragement when we read inspiring posts online and I thank those people who take the time to craft inspirational quotes for sharing.  There is no problem with posting personal statuses (one thing that I am most guilty of) for as long as it has a goal, and if it is not to inspire, it will be no different than a spam clogging someone else’s facebook feed.

Di ba? We can be a source of inspiration just by posting quotes or stories that brings back trust in humanity. 🙂

4.  N – Necessary?

“Kailangan mo bang i-post yan?” For the past days, my facebook timeline has not been busy because of this.  I just realized that I have been unnecessarily posting before to the point that every person I meet in the workplace know every single detail of what is happening in our family.  There were many many times that I crafted facebook statuses and end up deleting them without posting it after realizing that my facebook friends need not know about it.

In some of the cyber libel cases that I handled, the perpetrator mistakenly confused her facebook account with her diary. She posted her frustrations and reached the point of naming and shaming her husband’s mistress. Though she had the right to be angry, her husband’s mistress now has a case against her. Sad.

5.  K – is it kind?


We see a lot of posts bashing someone else’s grammar, accomplishments, pictures etc.  One latest example is this celebrity who was told for her grammatical error when she posted:

“the more you ignore me the closer i get, your wasting your time!”


A netizen then reacted and posted:


The netizen may be knowledgeable about grammar, and she was right with the grammatical error that she spotted.  But a lot thought that the netizen could have just chosen to be a little kinder by sending her a personal message if her intentions were pure.  Ang ending, na bash din ang netizen.

Social media is an effective platform in making life easier for us these days.  We can get a job, open opportunities, and get our message across easily because of this technology.  But if abused, we open ourselves to falling victim, worse victimizing our fellow netizens.  Let us protect ourselves and our loved ones, let us T-H-I-N-K before we post.

One biblical rule that I challenge myself to follow before posting:

Think about these things, then confidently hit that POST!

God bless, everyone! 🙂


Hindi ka pa ba nakahanap ng PRESCHOOL para sa toddler or preschool aged child mo?

Afraid of enrolling dahil baka sa kalagitnaan e baka ayaw nang pumasok ng baby mo?

Worry no more! Here at BRIGHT HOPE ROOM FOR GROWTH INC. , we carefully designed a SHORT TERM PROGRAM na sasagot sa pag-aalinlangan mo kung ready na ba for school ang baby mo. 🙂

Staying true with our commitment to providing excellent childcare programs, Bright Hope Room For Growth Inc. is again offering the third wave of PRESCHOOL JUMPSTART, a 15-day program designed for the following reasons:

1) Help child experience PRESCHOOL LIFE before even enrolling in any regular preschool program;

2) Help parents who are scouting for a preschool that will best fit their child’s needs and personality;

3) Help parents understand that it is never too early for their child to come to school. 🙂

jumpstart poster


Your child will get to sing, dance, listen to stories, and do arts with children their age.

Only P2415.00 for the 15 sessions.

50% downpayment, balance payable on the 8th session.

July 3, 2017. 1:30 to 3:00PM daily.

A list will be provided upon registration.

Your child must at least be 3 to 5 years old.

Message us through our facebook page by clicking THIS, or call 074-424-2647 or text 09176562002, or visit 2nd Floor, Luke Foundation Building, #90 Leonard Wood Road, Baguio City, look for Teacher Amanda Demandante.


enrollment on going



What Will Motivate An Employee…To QUIT?

In the first few years that I’ve managed people, I automatically blame myself for being such a bad employer or a manager each time an employee tenders a resignation with a reason stated as – “personal”, I can’t stop but think that I might have done something that did not please them. But this changed when I studied Organizational Behavior.  

In the study of Organizational Behavior, I learned concepts of motivation that explain why employees arrive at a decision to leave the company.  My take home from this course is the fact that I no longer worry that everything is about me, my management style, or the organization that I manage.  Most of the time, resignation is a decision that employees voluntarily make due to the following reasons:

  1. Low Pay

“Low Pay” is, of course, relative.  It will always depend on the needs and wants of a person.  So a person who is receiving, say, a hundred thousand pesos (Philippine currency) each month might still leave his current employment if he sees that staying is not worth his time.

In Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, one of the popular theories of motivation, we will realize that almost all of us start with wanting to have a higher pay in order for us to afford the necessities and even our wants in life.

If you are an employer, your employees probably need a house, a car, a bigger apartment for his/her growing family, a more expensive school where he/she thinks his/her children can have quality education.  If your company’s offer is not enough to meet those needs, there is a bigger possibility that you will lose him/her.

If you are a start-up company and could not as yet afford to compete with the market rate, it is advised that you communicate to your employees why they are receiving what they are currently getting.  It won’t hurt to be honest with them, this in fact will promote an open communication and build trust between you and your employees. A problem will however surely arise if you give a salary below the minimum required by law or you overwork your employees and do not pay overtime pay. In the Philippines, there are exceptions to giving the minimum wage but you need to prove that you are exempted from paying the minimum rate. (Try to contact your business consultant regarding this) Likewise, there are exceptions to paying the overtime pay (this will be discussed in another topic).

     2.  No job security

For some employees, if they are already contented with their current pay, they now move to ensuring their job security. There is nothing more worrying than being in a job you like but the latter is obviously unstable. Some of the reasons that trigger stress connected to job security are the fact that an employee knows that the company is not financially stable, frequent delays in pay, and the contractual nature of the job.

An employee who loves his job but is constantly bugged by the idea of losing it anytime, might consider leaving for another company that would satisfy this need.

      3.  Unsafe/unhealthy working conditions

If an employee is threatened with dangers of harassment (sexual or otherwise)/bullying or if going to and from the work place will expose them to life and death situations prepare to have high attrition rate.

Harassment or bullying, however, can easily be avoided by a strong company policy against it.  If you are an employer, immediately act on complaints to show your employees that the same is not tolerated.  Also, an employee will usually stay no matter how bad the situation is if he/she finds that she belongs to a team or has a support group.  But if they feel alone and unsafe, they’ll be saying goodbye anytime soon.

With regard to safety of coming to and from work, one solution is to provide a shuttle for the employees or offer transportation allowance enough for them to use to pay for taxi fare.  This usually applies to big companies.  This is not mandatory but needs to be done if an organization wants to keep its employees.


brighton logo

Enroll your child at Bright Hope Room for Growth Inc.  Baguio City’s Premiere Kindergarten School that offers Baby, Toddler, Nursery, Pre-Kinder, and Kindergarten Program. Visit our facebook page by CLICKING THIS.

Located at 2nd Floor, Luke Foundation Building, 90 Leonard Wood Road, Baguio City.  Contact 074-424-2647 or  09176562006.  Look for Teacher Amanda Demandante.

     4. Employees don’t trust their employers

Some employees commit to a job and later on realize that the values system in their workplace is not aligned with theirs.  This usually happens in the selling industry where organizations or managers actively promote committing bribery just so they can close the sale or win a bidding. For people who love sales but could not tolerate the idea of fraudulent transactions, they usually give up and look for another employment.

     5. No sense of fulfillment 

Money is not always the reason why people do what they do.  There are people who engage themselves in an activity or employment to fulfill a higher need, a sense of fulfillment. They feel useful when they do a particular thing or they are energized by the fact that their work has social relevance.  There are employees who have needs for continuous development and growth. Now, if they no longer get this from their organization, they are more likely to resign anytime.

To resolve resignation due to this reason, it is suggested that the management study the organization and look for opportunities where their employees are able to fulfill this need. Say, open a cross training program that would allow people to work in other departments. This will break the monotonous life of a high achiever, plus, if you are the employer, you’ll get a bigger chance to keep them.

      6. Bad Boss

I earlier said that bosses are not always the reason employees leave. But let’s face it, there is a big factor that employees quit because of how a manager runs the company or more than that, how he treats his subordinates.

When I was working for a BPO, there was not a day that my manager did not shout at us for not closing a sale or for not hitting whatever target that needed to be met.  I, however, believe that one does not need to literally roar to motivate an employee.

In another scenario, I witnessed a manager scolding a cashier while the latter was manning the cash register.  If I were the cashier, I would have wished my self dead in that situation.  I will not be surprised if that employee tendered her resignation that very day.

There is always a nice way of giving feedback.  Sometimes, the saying is true that “it is not what you say, but how you say it.”

     Now, if you are a manager, you can sleep at night thinking that it is not always your fault.  Unless, you are what we referred to as a “bad boss.”

     After the poll, readers added the following as some of the reasons why they quit:

7. Being overworked (connected with no. 1);

8. No opportunity for promotion (connected with no.5).

Photo Credit: http://wp.jsstatic.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/6/2014/09/679.jpg

tarp for kennon 4 x 16

Five Screaming Signs That Your Employee Is Not Happy And Might Resign Anytime

     From the time that I worked as an employer-employee relations officer for some BPOs and for retained small business clients (when I was in the private practice) up to this moment that I am managing our own business, I had the privilege to observe and learn how to interpret human behavior in an organization.

     What amazed me are that the signs that will eventually lead to someone leaving the company are predictable. Let me share some indicators that will help you tell if it’s nearing goodbye between you and your employee:

1. They suddenly become frequently tardy – if your employee usually reports to work earlier than anyone else in the office and suddenly started to incur frequent tardiness (almost everyday), this is already a sign that their motivation to come to work has been affected. Their drive to wake up early has waned and they might be considering looking for another job.

If you are in charge of personnel, take this opportunity to get to know them and ask them what’s causing their being tardy. Take this cue to come up with a program that will inspire all members who are going through the same situation.

Important! Don’t forget to document this though as it might prove handy in the future in case their tardiness becomes a liability to the organization and it is already you who wants to say goodbye to them.


brighton logo

Enroll your child at Bright Hope Room for Growth Inc.  Baguio City’s Premiere Kindergarten School that offers Baby, Toddler, Nursery, Pre-Kinder, and Kindergarten Program. Visit our facebook page by CLICKING THIS.

Located at 2nd Floor, Luke Foundation Building, 90 Leonard Wood Road, Baguio City.  Contact 074-424-2647 or  09176562006.  Look for Teacher Amanda Demandante.

2. They have used up their leave credits and their number of absences have dramatically increased: a motivated employee would love to be in the workplace almost everyday. They have this certain drive and noticeable liveliness at work. But a person who feels he should be somewhere else other than his workplace would usually use up his leave credits to escape the pit where he is currently in. These employees regard leave credits and the chance to be absent like “life lines” that will give them extra energy to survive the daily grind at work.

But when their leave credits are depleted, what happens next?  This might likewise be damaging to your organization so better find out what is causing it.

3. They become less productive: if at first they were usually one of those who close the most number of sales or have always submitted work before deadlines. Now, you feel like the decision of hiring them was all a mistake and you wonder where the person you so courted to join your team has gone.

This is already a waving red flag.  Their enthusiasm to deliver has already faded and allowing this to continue is harmful to both the employee and the employer.  Try to rescue him/her by getting to know what’s causing the problem and start your HR strategy from there.

4. Their linkedin account suddenly becomes updated – stalk them a little and see if their linked in account has been updated. If their linked in account became “so attractive you want to hire him again”, tendency is that they are waiting for that next head hunter to pounce on them.

5. Has facebook posts of being stressed at work – Browsing their facebook account makes you look at your life and say “thank you” that you are not on their shoes. They’ve posted a lot of depressing quotes regarding work or cryptic messages about their workmates that they recently fought with. If he is one talented guy, this person will readily grab an opportunity that comes his way.

Those are just few of the indications that your employee might not be happy at or with his work and has probably contemplated leaving soon.

What will you do then if you see those signs?

If you want to keep them, you better know what motivates them. Come up with programs that will keep them at work such as incentives (money is not always it though) or other activities that will once again ignite their love for their job.

However, if you want to let them go? Do it the right way. Document each tardiness, absence, or decline in productivity (you should be doing this from the onset anyway). Once there is enough evidence that their tardiness, absence, or decline in productivity is becoming a liability, notify them about it and impose the necessary disciplinary action based on the company policy and the law. (Avoid litigation expenses, contact your employer-employee relations lawyer for the proper way to do this)

Just to share, in my experience, there are instances where it is more beneficial for both parties (the employer and the employee) to let go of each other. To make it easier for both of you, you can talk to your employee and tell him/her that you support his/her plans and that if he/she intends to leave, he/she might as well do it the right way so that his/her performance and records will not be affected.

Assure your employees that you will give them a good recommendation for as long as they give their 100 percent dedication while they are in your organization. Sounds so ideal? I have always done this with all of my employees and we have maintained a healthy friendship even if they left the company. So somehow, it works.  It is two-pronged, a win-win solution. You get the necessary dedication while they get the needed support for their career growth.

But the bigger question will be: why would they want to leave in the first place? (But that’s another topic for another time)

So, there you go! As HR people, it may be cliche but why not take advantage of the above signs to help our respective organizations lessen attrition rate and increase productivity.

tarp for kennon 4 x 16

About the Author:

Dexter D. Diwas is the co-founder of Bright Hope Room for Growth Inc., a premiere Kindergarten School in the City of Baguio, Philippines.  Apart from being a lawyer, he is also passionate about Business, Human Resource Development, and Career Advising. He is currently taking up Master of Management at the Institute of Management, University of the Philippines – Baguio.

Six Effective Tips to Making “Employment Termination” Less Heartbreaking

Our organization may be small at this stage, but thankfully, we reached a point where we gained the trust of our clients because of the way we do things.  Because of this, we committed to do everything to be able to hire the best fit to join our team.

ADVERTISEMENTbrighton logo

Enroll your child at Bright Hope Room for Growth Inc.  Baguio City’s Premiere Kindergarten School that offers Baby, Toddler, Nursery, Pre-Kinder, and Kindergarten Program. Visit our facebook page by CLICKING THIS.

Located at 2nd Floor, Luke Foundation Building, 90 Leonard Wood Road, Baguio City.  Contact 074-424-2647 or  09176562006.  Look for Teacher Amanda Demandante.

In the process of hiring new team members, there will always be times that we commit lapses – meaning, we hire the wrong people. Thus, there are those who make the cut but eventually get cut.

As a Human Resource Development practitioner,  one of the important aspects of effectively managing people is one’s ability to relay the phrase – “you are fired” with less drama, less heartbreak.

I consider it an achievement being able to deliver bad news and at the same time helping the receiver look at the brighter side of the message.

Here are some tips that I can share to my fellow HR practitioners:

  1. Give the news personally and directly – There are several channels of communication, but the most effective channel to breaking down this kind of news is through a face to face meeting.  In this way, you will immediately know your employee’s reaction and be able to address it right away.

Na-imagine mo ba na makatanggap ng text message na ang laman ay tinatanggal ka sa trabaho?  Nakamamatay yan.  What if your employee received that message while crossing the pedestrian lane? What if na-shock siya, hindi nakagalaw, at nasagasaan? Dagdag kunsensiya mo pa. So better relay the message ng harap harapan.

Also, you must do it directly para hindi mukhang chismis.  Hindi pwede yung i-teterminate mo si Ana pero bago pa malaman ni Ana e alam na ni Mila dahil idinaan mo sa kanya. Diba?

2. Balance the content – One technique in balancing the content is to apply the “sandwich approach”.

This means that you say good things first about his or her performance (dapat sincere ka naman dito).  After affirming the person, carefully move to the more sensitive information, the fact that he or she committed something and that it is a ground for termination, then assure him or her that it is not the person but it is the act (kasi ganun naman talaga, walang personalan, trabaho lang).


Employer:  You know, you are a good employee etc etc. I have not heard anything bad about you. However, there is this instance that we would need some explanation. (Tell him or her the facts) Would you want to say something about it?

Employee:  Explain, explain, explain.

Employer:  Ok, thank you for giving your side on the matter.  We will use this in crafting our decision.  We are however, giving you 5 days to explain this in writing. While preparing your written explanation, please remember that this is not about you, but it is about what happened. Ok? 

Employee: Thanks. 

Don’t immediately condemn the employee.  Everybody commits mistakes and this might just be another hump in their careers.

3. Be specific – How will the employee know the specific violation he or she committed if you speak in general?  Dapat sabihin mo kung ano talaga yung violation niya complete with details e.g. incident report by a witness, cctv footage, and other available evidence.

This will avoid unnecessary debate kasi kitang kita na kung sino nagkamali.  This has saved me a lot of energy debating with employees who have the tendency to deny to death.

4. Give feedback when the receiver is most ready to accept it – there is no better timing than immediately after the incident happened.

Nawawalan ng halaga ang mensahe mo kung ang pangyayari ay nangyari ngayong araw pero next month mo pa ina-address. This only means na you are just trying to find ways to get rid of your employee at hindi maganda yan.  Siguradong pagdududahan ka rin kapag nagsampa ng illegal dismissal ang empleyado mo.

5. Be accurate; validate your information. – Before you even relay the message, gather facts and investigate.  Mahirap ang magkamali.

Can you imagine breaking a news that would possibly change someone else’s life tapos mali mali pala ang facts mo?  There might be legal implications so better get your facts straight before you present it to the person being terminated.

6. Offer Continuing support – Most of my termination meetings, thankfully, end in a good note and I enjoy the fact that we all remain friends.  To maintain relationship, assure them that you care for them and that everything happens for a reason. 🙂

Siyempre, the tips above won’t suffice if you don’t follow the legal process. May sinasabi tayong 2 notice rule sa Labor Law but that will be covered in another topic.

In order to be guided in legally terminating erring employees, it will be best to consult your lawyer.

Photo Credit: http://www.pistonandfusion.org/blog/warning-signs-fired/

tarp for kennon 4 x 16

About the Author:

Dexter D. Diwas is the co-founder of Bright Hope Room for Growth Inc., a premiere Kindergarten School in the City of Baguio, Philippines.  He is a lawyer who is passionate about Business, Human Resource Development, and Career Advising. He is currently taking up Master of Management at the Institute of Management, University of the Philippines – Baguio.  

Five Curious Features Of A Japanese Style Room

On the 25th of December 2015, I received an e-mail from The Overseas Human Resources and Industry Development Association (HIDA) of Japan inviting me to join nine other Experts to experience a place called Gifu.  Gifu Prefecture is located in Central Honshu, Japan’s main island and has played an important role in Japan’s history because of its strategic location.  But honestly – why haven’t I heard about this place even before this invitation?  I was excited anyway and was very eager to learn about Gifu so I packed my clothes way before my scheduled flight!

I skimmed through the documents that came along with the invitation to search for our accommodation since I committed to writing about hotels and restaurants.  You know what I found out? We will be hotel hopping for the five day trip! This is going to be an adventure!

From the list of hotels, HOTAKASO YAMANO HOTEL particularly caught my attention because their website gave an option for guests to choose to book a western style room or a Japanese style room.  I emailed, Yuki Tanaka, one of the the organizers and requested for her to book me in a Japanese style room and I was elated to find out that there was one available for me!

To cut the story short, let me just bring you to HOTAKASO YAMANO HOTEL.  Have fun with me as I explore their Japanese style room.

But before that, here is how the hotel looked like when we arrived:

hotel yamano snow
The Magical facade of Hotakaso Yamano Hotel!   Embraced by the pure white powdery snow.  As I have earlier written in one of my articles, it was like watching a Disney movie in 3D!  This resort is ideal for honeymooners!  The hotel is located at 577-13 Okuhida Onsengo Kansaka, Takayama, Gifu Prefecture 506-1421, Japan 🙂

The hotel looks heavenly right?  But that will be for another article.  Now, let me walk you through my one-of-a-kind room.

Ooops, before we get inside, I would like to remind you to leave your shoes outside.  An inside slipper will be provided for you.

shoes 123

Doozo ohairi kudasai! Please come in!

I was amazed at how many sliding doors there were when I took a peek at the room. When I realized that I will be staying here alone, I could not help but imagine the Japanese horror movies that I’ve seen especially “The Ring”. But let’s not talk about that, I am here to have fun and experience how it is to sleep in an authentic Japanese Sytle Room! haha. 🙂

To start with the experience, you must first wear a YUKATA:

YUKATA is a night clothing that is usually provided in spa resorts. They looked like Japanese costume to me so I am really in to wear it. Click this site to see how these clothes are worn.

japanese room alone 1
Here I am donning a YUKATA. (Photo by Roxy Navarro)

I could not stand being alone so I knelt down to summon some of my friends. And with a blink of an eye…


happy friends
From left to right: Roxy Navarro, me, and Kenneth Del Rosario.(Photo by Roxy Navarro)

Now, I’m ready to show you around!

A Japanese style room is called washitsu or nihonma and has these five distinctive features:

  1. Tatami flooring –

tatami flooring
You can find this type of flooring in Japanese style rooms. It is a type of woven mat using rice straw.  Tatami floors used to be found only in the home of the wealthy and it only reached the commoners home by the end of the 17th century. (Photo by Dexter Diwas)

These days, it is not unusual to find only one room with tatami flooring in Japanese houses, this is where they usually entertain guests or have special gatherings just like what is depicted below:

serving tea
Oh yes! I normally look at the camera when serving tea. haha (Photo by Roxy Navarro)

2) Sliding doors or fusuma

sliding doors
Fusuma are rectangular panels that you can move from side to side for the purpose of defining spaces within the room. The one in the picture separated where my futon is from the area where I entertained some of my guests during my short stay at Hotakaso Yamano Hotel.  (photo by Kenneth Del Rosario)

Well, I discovered that a fusuma can also be used as a backdrop for taking pictures. Whether whole body…

back drop fusuma
Fusuma as a backdrop. (Photo by Kenneth Del Rosario)

Or half body…

half body fusuma
Fusuma as a backdrop..in sepia. haha (Photo by Kenneth Del Rosario)

3)Futon – Futon is a special japanese mattress that you can lay on the floor by night and fold by day so you can use the room for other purposes.

A fresh futon on a tatami floor is so inviting!

futon model
I always dreamt of becoming a futon model and my travel to Gifu made this dream come true! Just a reminder: Futons must be brought outside to be aired in sunlight regularly, otherwise, it will accumulate dust and whatever dirt. Also, to prevent the futon from matting, they usually beat it using a futon tataki that is made out of bamboo. The same process we do when we beat our carpets. 🙂

4) Zaisu – another distinctive feature of the room is a zaisu, a chair without legs but with a comfortable backrest.

A zaisu in my Japanese room. At first, it would look uncomfortable to be sitting on this chair but the back support and the cushiony seat gave me the much needed comfort after a busy day. (photo by Dexter Diwas)

comfortable in a zaisu
Roxy the web developer and videographer, Dexter the blogger, and Kenneth the writer are seen here being comfy using a zaisu! (Photo by Roxy Navarro)

5) Kotatsu

Kotatsu. A low wooden table frame. I am not sure if this has a heater underneath it but kotatsu usually has a heating device that is used during winter. They cover this with a thick blanket to capture the heat coming from underneath.

tea parties japanese style room
Kotatsu is perfect for tea parties! (Photo by Roxy Navarro)

You might wonder, how about their restroom?  Well, it looks pretty much western to me.  The only difference is that the toilet is separated from the shower.

restroom japanese style room
The floor in the restroom is covered with straw mats and that gave me the feel of the continuing Japanese theme.

I also enjoyed the regular soaking tub..

soaking tub japanese hotel
This is not a screen grab from a horror movie. That was me enjoying the soaking tub!

Those are the five distinctive features of a Japanese style room.  Throughout the night, I could not hide my amazement at how rich the Japanese culture is and I am truly blessed to have experienced it through an overnight stay at HOTAKASO YAMANO HOTEL at Takayama, Gifu Prefecture, Japan.

Thanks to The Overseas Human Resources and Industry Development Association (HIDA) for a successful tourism program! My “Japanese Style Room Experience” was worth accepting your invitation!

To learn more about the wonders of GIFU, visit the following facebook pages: GIFU GETAWAY and GIFU CROSSROADS.

by: Dexter Duclan Diwas

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