What Convinced Me to Renew My Morning Devotion

What convinced me to renew my morning devotion (with 5 Practical Steps to Start Your Daily Morning Habit!)

My Haggai Leader Experience: A Letter For You

Do you think this experience could make a great impact in your life aswell?

Seven Things to Consider Before Putting Up A Business

A lot of us enter into doing business without knowing what to expect and end up giving up in the middle of the game. Do you want to put up a business? Here are seven things you need to know.

Three Things To Remember To Prevent Violence Against Women

Violence against women is not just a domestic problem, it is a community concern…

What Will Motivate An Employee…To QUIT?

What is the reason you are quitting? Join the Poll now!

Five Screaming Signs That Your Employee Is Not Happy And Might Resign Anytime

Spot the signs and help your organization lessen attrition rate and increase productivity

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